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Simplifying Collaboration Management with Cisco Solutions

At its core, Collaboration management is an essential part of any business for a wide range of different reasons. Your organization’s core technology should create an environment where employees can […]

How Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions Fit Into Your Existing UCC Infrastructure

At its core, the idea behind enterprise collaboration is a simple one. You’re talking about the technology put in place at an organizational level that helps improve information gathering and […]

Why Managed Services are Essential to Your Enterprise Collaboration Strategy

For any business to be successful, your employees need to be able to come together to form something more powerful as a collective than they could do as individuals. They […]

Reducing Enterprise Collaboration Costs with Managed Services

At its core, enterprise collaboration is all about the free flow of information across the entirety of an organization. It’s about breaking down those silos that typically exist and making […]

Why Modern Organizations are Turning to Room Managed Services

Whether you need an all-in-one video conferencing solution, interactive collaboration tools, or modular meeting room solutions, room managed services are becoming increasingly popular. Understanding the Shift to Room Managed Services […]

How Managed Meeting Room Services Can Address Your IT Challenges

Employees spend an average of 31 hours per month in meetings they consider to be less-than-productive. That’s a significant amount of wasted time. The number of meetings is increasing, too. […]

How to Evaluate Operator Connect Providers

Understanding Operator Connect Providers: A Primer Operator Connect providers help connect traditional telephone systems and cloud-based tools like Microsoft Teams. By partnering with third-party providers, Teams users can keep everything […]

When to Adopt Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

The customer experience can make — or break — brands. Efficiently handling calls and contacts is crucial to creating a customer experience that attracts and retains customers. However, many companies […]

Operator Connect vs Direct Routing: What’s the Difference?

There were 280 million active users of Microsoft Teams in 2023. As organizations increasingly rely on Microsoft Teams, video and voice calling capabilities have become the norm. Microsoft Teams offers […]

Mastering Multichannel Collaboration With Help Desk Managed Services

Multichannel communications have become essential in today’s business environment. Employees and customers today work across channels such as email, phone, video, instant messaging, and social platforms. Integrating these solutions empowers […]

Improving Enterprise Communication With Managed Help Desk Services

You cannot underestimate the importance of efficient communication and collaboration in the modern day workplace. This is especially true for organizations that rely on virtual meetings with team members and […]

Keeping Meeting Rooms Secure With Outsourced Help Desk Services

When surveyed, 86% of employees said inefficient communication and collaboration are key reasons for workplace failures. If meeting rooms don’t function properly, you are hindering the process that drives companies […]

How Managed IT Help Desk Services Keep Your Team Connected 24/7

Communication and collaboration have always been important in business, but things have changed in the modern work environment. Modern companies use a variety of technologies to connect teams and customers, […]

How Microsoft Operator Connect Can Ease Communications

Microsoft Operator Connect is a cloud-based call management solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to reduce the complexity and cost of managing call services. Built on the MS Azure […]

Slack vs. Zoom: Which One is Right for Your Team?

The shift to remote, hybrid, and distributed workforces has changed the way organizations operate. Video calling, document sharing, and real-time cloud collaboration tools have become standard.  Zoom and Slack have […]

Zoom Phone vs Google Voice: Which One is Right for Your Organization?

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having reliable and cost-effective voice communication is essential for connecting employees, remote workers, and clients. Among the many options available, two popular choices stand out: […]

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which One Suits Your Organization Best?

Exploring Options in Cloud-Communication Tools In the ever-evolving landscape of remote, hybrid, and distributed workforces, the need for efficient collaboration tools has become paramount. Virtual meetings have replaced many in-person […]

Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace: Which One is Better for Your Organization?

The Mainstream of Remote Collaboration Tools The demand for remote collaboration tools has changed the way businesses work. The emergence of remote, hybrid, and distributed workforces has mainstreamed cloud collaboration […]

Top 5 Most Effective Microsoft Teams Adoption Strategies

Is Your Organization Ready for Microsoft Teams Adoption? Whether you are looking for a better way to connect a remote, hybrid, or distributed workforce, or you want to streamline your […]

Best Practices for Microsoft Teams Rooms Deployment

Microsoft Teams Room deployment is bringing remote, hybrid, and distributed workforces together in a centralized hub for robust communication and collaboration. Chat, audio/video, and sharing tools make for a more […]

Microsoft Teams Features & Benefits for Maximizing Productivity

Yorktel is a Microsoft-certified partner with deep expertise in creating tailored solutions for Microsoft Teams deployments to maximize workflows and productivity. Microsoft Teams for the Modern Workplace Microsoft Teams is […]

Leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop for a Simple Post Acquisition Integration

Post acquisition integration can be complex and filled with challenges. Consolidating data and networks, unifying communication, and optimizing workflows all require strategic planning and phased integration. Many of these challenges […]

Proven Best Practices for Post-Merger IT Consolidation

There were more than 50,000 mergers and acquisition deals worldwide in 2022. While some will go smoothly and create highly-profitable companies, history tells us that between 70% and 90% of […]

The Ultimate M&A IT Integration Checklist to Ensure a Smooth Transition for Everyone

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are typically disruptive even with the best planning and preparation. Bringing a new company into your IT system and infrastructure, merging processes, or adopting a new […]

M&A IT Integration and the Benefits of Consolidated IT Environments

Mergers and acquisitions can unlock significant synergies to reduce costs and streamline operations. Realizing these benefits requires meticulous planning and execution. How you manage the migration and consolidation of data, […]

How Voice Services Support Remote Employee Engagement

In an era defined by flexibility and remote work, one of the key challenges organizations face is to ensure constant connectivity between dispersed teams.  With a staggering 98% of American […]

Migrating to Microsoft Teams: FAQs Asked & Answered

Establishing effective communication across all teams and departments is essential for modern organizations. However, many businesses struggle to find better ways to keep their teams connected while operating with remote […]

Build a Strong & Productive Remote Team with Voice Communication

The water cooler holds a place in office lore as a location where workers once gathered to share stories, tell jokes, and get to know each other. With the rise […]

Meeting Diverse Communication Needs in a Remote Workplace with Voice Solutions

In today’s remote work environment, where teams are geographically dispersed, and collaboration happens across borders, meeting diverse communication needs is crucial.  Communication is the backbone of any successful organization. Ensuring […]

Transforming Collaboration with Microsoft Teams Room Solutions

About half of the U.S. workforce (60 million people) say they can perform their job from home at least part of the time. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only a small […]

5 Key Considerations for a Successful Microsoft Teams Rooms Implementation

The adoption of Microsoft Teams has grown since its inception, with the collaboration suite exceeding 280 million daily users in just six years since its launch. While the pandemic played […]

Creating the Right Microsoft Teams Rooms Setup for Your Organization

Keeping employees connected and collaborating with each other has become a modern business challenge as enterprises explore the benefits of remote and hybrid work. One way to foster exceptional communication […]

Unlocking the Benefits of Zoom Phone: Your Complete Guide

What is Zoom Phone? Zoom Phone is a feature-rich cloud-based phone system for locally, nationally or globally distributed businesses. The service provides voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) local and international communications services […]

How AVaaS (Audio Visual as a Service) Can Help Save Time & Money

As businesses increasingly rely on audio visual (AV) technology to communicate and collaborate, the costs and complexity of managing AV systems can quickly add up.  Fortunately, Audio Visual as a […]

Key Factors Leading Organizations to Embrace Cloud Communications

With businesses increasingly prioritizing collaborative work, legacy systems can no longer support the demands of modern-day workplaces. The limitations of traditional hardware and software hinder collaboration and communication between teams, […]

Is Your Enterprise Getting the Most out of Zoom?

In the modern day workplace, effective communication and collaboration solutions are essential. But, as the workforce becomes fragmented, making sure enterprise users enjoy the same experience (regardless of where they […]

ISDN Switch Off Sparks the Move to Cloud Communication

Out with the “old,” and in with the “new.” In the communication world, a transformation is on the horizon – basically, it’s the end of landlines as we know it.  […]

Signs It’s Time to Switch to AV as a Service

Have you ever geared up for a meeting with your team members to discuss pressing issues or set up a video call with a client to close a deal, only […]

AVaaS vs. Traditional AV Services: What’s the Difference?

Audiovisual (AV) technology and its associated management have advanced significantly in recent years. One of the most significant developments in this area has been the rise of AV as a […]

The Role of AVaaS in Digital Workforce Transformation

As video conferencing and other collaboration tools have grown to become a vital part of many modern businesses, the need for audio visual services has grown tremendously. To meet this […]

Is it Time To Switch to an Enterprise Voice Solution?

With evolving digital technologies and business processes, effective business communication and collaboration have become top priorities for organizations globally. Especially with rising hybrid work scenarios post-pandemic, businesses require a strategic […]

Best Practices for Effective Enterprise Collaboration

Are you curious whether innovative and disruptive cloud-based voice solutions can support your enterprise collaboration needs? Communications platforms have advanced considerably over the past several years regarding scalability, security, performance […]

Here’s How Voice Solutions are Changing the Modern-Day Workplace

As the nature of work has evolved rapidly in recent years, so has the technology of communication. A wide web of different voice services connect businesses and consumers around the […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Cloud Voice Solution

In a few short years, business communication has changed significantly. As remote work options have become more commonplace since the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent survey from McKinsey found that 58% […]

Improving Voice Communications For Effective Collaboration

Conversations through email, project management applications and collaboration rooms can work effectively for remote and hybrid teams. Yet, there are many scenarios where real-time discussions are required to ensure a […]

How AVaaS Can Benefit Your Organization

Has your executive leadership team ever invited strategic business partners to an in-person event in your boardroom, only to have devices like projectors, smart televisions, microphones, or speakers fail to […]

What is a Cloud Based Phone System?

Modern workplace changes have sped up the development of many digital collaboration platforms that make it easier for remote, hybrid & in-office workers to perform consistently regardless of location. Cloud […]

Take Your Enterprise Remote with a Virtual Phone System

According to results from a survey, a quarter of all professional jobs were hybrid or remote-based by the end of 2022, and that percentage will continue to grow in […]

What is Enterprise Collaboration and Why Your Organization Needs Systems and Solutions

Effective collaboration that creates purposeful connections among business users to work towards goals or solve problems by harnessing the power of varied skill sets, strengths, and perspectives, has been a […]

Everything You Need To Develop A Microsoft 365 Implementation Plan For Your Enterprise

If your organization is preparing an enterprise-scale Microsoft 365 implementation or upgrade, the first & most critical step is developing the plan. The struggle many organizations have with developing this, […]

Why Continuity Monitoring Is Critically Important for Your Enterprise

As our digitally connected society has grown, our reliance on technology has become greater & greater. Our businesses have also suffered a similar fate, especially in the last 5 years […]

Leveraging MS Teams Rooms for Your Enterprise Collaboration

Every Microsoft Office 365 license includes the Teams application at no charge, supporting live and archived “anytime chat,” meetings, presentations, and file sharing – all the ingredients for collaboration on […]

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Modern Workplace Technology – Enabling Businesses to Navigate the New Normal

Enabling your employees to connect and collaborate in the “new normal” requires company-wide commitment, a forward-looking mindset, and trust from the C-Suite and beyond. It also requires strategically orchestrated modern […]

Fostering Effective Communication and Collaboration in the Workplace

Effective communication and collaboration in the workplace are critical to high performance, employee engagement, and productivity. Achieving these advantages though requires a multi-pronged strategy. Added to that, with many more […]

Work from Home enterprise collaboration for the remote workforce

Digital Workplace Transformation Strategy in the Post-Pandemic Era

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about digital workplace transformation and how it’s been greatly sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet what is digital transformation, really, and what will […]

What Your Organization Needs To Know About The Windows 11 Upgrade

Despite initial plans for an end-of-year release, Microsoft launched Windows 11, a free update to Windows 10 on October 5th. Windows 11 offers extensive new functionality for productivity and collaboration, […]

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Yorktel Announces Two New Service Offerings for MS Teams

Earlier today, Yorktel announced two new services that will dramatically enhance users Microsoft Teams experience, Microsoft Teams Gateway and Univago Teams Voice! These new services, along with the rest of Yorktel’s offerings will […]


Our OBTP Capabilities with Microsoft Teams

Check out the video below to learn more about Yorktel’s Gateway and One Button to Push capabilities with Microsoft Teams!  

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Could Your MSP Be Your New BFF?

Communications and collaboration technologies are evolving so quickly, forward-thinking organizations are struggling to keep up. Internal IT teams are consumed with managing new IT initiatives. As a result, outsourcing the […]

UC&C Roadmapping, Part IV: Success Factors for a Winning UC&C Deployment

UC&C Roadmapping, Part IV: Success Factors for a Winning UC&C Deployment

The process of bringing UC&C into a business involves several stages, and does not end once the contract has been signed. Leading up to that, business objectives must be set, […]

UC&C Roadmapping, Part III: the Value of a Proper UC&C Assessment and Vendor Selection

UC&C Roadmapping, Part III: the Value of a Proper UC&C Assessment and Vendor Selection

As this series continues, my intention is to better prepare IT decision-makers to not just match the right UC&C solution with their collaboration needs, but to also to help them […]

UC&C Roadmapping, Part II: How to Provide a Great UC&C Experience

UC&C Roadmapping, Part II: How to Provide a Great UC&C Experience

I began this blog series by detailing the need for a thorough assessment of networks, stakeholder use cases, existing infrastructure, IT strategy, management goals, and other critical factors as the […]

UC&C Roadmapping, Part I: Assessment – Defining Goals to Overcome Problems With Enterprise Collaboration

UC&C Roadmapping, Part I: Assessment – Defining Goals to Overcome Problems With Enterprise Collaboration

For technology to have real business value, it must address a tangible problem. When it comes to Unified Communications and Collaboration – UC&C – goal number one is enabling more […]

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