Has your executive leadership team ever invited strategic business partners to an in-person event in your boardroom, only to have devices like projectors, smart televisions, microphones, or speakers fail to work properly? Has your team invested a significant amount of time and effort to set up a hybrid conference, only to have participants struggle to participate? Instead of stressing about the mechanics of the event, your team should be focusing on keeping your audience engaged with compelling content, however they choose to meet. 

You need an AVaaS provider that understands the importance of crisp audio and vivid video for both special events and day-to-day business. A provider that knows all that, and how to engineer, implement, manage, and run it too will be an indispensable augmentation to your organization.

What is AVaaS (AV as a service)?

Audio Video as a Service (AVaaS) is a service that enables organizations to outsource the design, implementation, and operation of the hardware, software, and cloud-based services for everything from all hands calls and boardroom presentations to 1:1 collaboration. Your business may need devices as simple as meeting room occupancy sensors or as advanced as a fully integrated touchscreen to inform and enlighten your employees, partners, and other stakeholders. 

The technologies that capture, stream, and deliver these sounds and visuals can be costly to purchase, maintain & own. Yet, when contracted as a service, your business doesn’t have to worry about technology obsolescence.

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Benefits of AV as a Service

Similar to a utility like power and internet connectivity, AVaaS enables your business to focus on the value you need to extract from your audio-visual equipment.  With this partnership in place, an AVaaS provider now owns the responsibility for meeting (or exceeding) your expectations.

Expert Integration

The process of determining the optimal placement of cameras, microphones, and other equipment, and then expertly installing them can be incredibly time-consuming but crucial for audio visual as a service. The results of a DIY approach can be unpredictable at best. 

Contracting these responsibilities to an AV integration services provider can take a heavy burden off your team’s shoulders, along with: 

  • Device selection and procurement
  • Installation wiring
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Management and troubleshooting with AV integration software 

Consider how much time and frustration you could avoid by delegating these responsibilities to a team of professionals who can ensure the reliability and performance of the AV systems: from initial installation to throughout the contract term. Instead of being reactive at the end of an important meeting when a remote participant remarks about poor sound quality, a skilled technician can identify and replace or repair an inoperable microphone before the meeting even starts.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Your organization may take on responsibilities for the installation and “care & feeding” of AV devices such as digital signage. You may need technical support with setting it up, or routine maintenance services to maximize the equipment’s longevity. By working with an AV integrator with a variety of services, you outsource the management of your AV requirements in phases and retain ownership of what works best for your team. This delegation puts your organization in a position to maximize the benefits of audio visual as a service.  

Custom Solutions

Some organizations realize they should outsource implementation, support, and/or management of their equipment and services to an AV integrator when an important event fails to impress. Others decide to enter into an agreement for AV integration services when they move into a new building or acquire new interactive displays. 

Whatever compelled you to investigate AV integrators, you should contract one that can personalize their services to your needs, and has partnerships with, and certifications from trusted AV hardware & software vendors. It’s imperative that you consider one that can help you get the most out of your existing AV investment, and can provide solutions that will deliver engaging, interactive experiences for years to come. 

Reduced Costs

Digital signage, interactive LCD displays, high-fidelity speakers, and high-quality microphones can rapidly exceed a company’s capital expenditure (CapEx) budget for meeting rooms, offices, and common areas. By contracting AVaaS as an operating expense (OpEx) and financing your requirements as a service, you can save on costs by delegating the installation and management of new and existing AV equipment to an integrator like Yorktel, and enabling your team to focus on your core business. 

Aging AV equipment often consumes more electricity than newer devices and often doesn’t deliver the sound or visual quality needed to impress your audience. You don’t have to constantly be on the leading edge of acquiring the latest technology to stay ahead of the curve. Yet there are considerable cost savings and performance gains to be had by contracting an AVaaS integrator. 

Entrust our experts to optimize audio-visual device lifecycles, and be confident your employee and partner experiences are in good hands. You focus on the content of your meetings, conferences & presentations, And Yorktel will ensure your stakeholders are seen in the best light and heard with impressive clarity. 

Discover how Yorktel’s experts can improve your enterprise AV solutions. Contact us to discuss your unique business needs.