Environmental Sustainability is in the global spotlight. The urgency to support “green” efforts increases daily. Yorktel’s Environmental Sustainability policy is designed to measure and reduce our environmental footprint and move towards a future state that is in harmony with our planet.

The policy includes three pathways of action:

Internal business operations

Yorktel’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) leads the Sustainability Team. Drawing individuals from across the Yorktel footprint, this team drives our Environmental Sustainability efforts both from an organizational and an individual perspective.

The objectives:

  • Encourage engagement
  • Reduce emissions
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Eliminate non-recyclable materials and packaging
  • Re-Use through repair, re-use, and resale initiatives
  • Recycle excess or obsolete equipment
Our Goal:ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification

“Initiating the Environmental Sustainability conversation with our customers is a demonstration of our thought-leadership in action.”
—Ken Scaturro,
President, Yorktel


Yorktel brings the conversation of Environmental Sustainability to our customer engagements. Even if a customer does not have a policy, we make it part of the conversation. Why? Because the need for Environmental Sustainability does not discriminate.

Its importance to our professional and personal lives crosses communities and cultures. Raising the Environmental Sustainability conversation with our customers will create a mutually beneficial and educational forum for integrating green policies inside and outside the workplace.

Partner / Supplier Sourcing

Yorktel solutions often integrate commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products from third-party original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). When choosing COTs products for a customer, we prioritize OEMs who have either published their own Environmental Sustainability policies or agree to support Yorktel in achieving our green objectives.

This alignment will give traction to our measurable internal initiatives – for example, to keep energy consumption and heat dissipation ratings for our cataloged products.

For more information about Yorktel’s Environmental Sustainability Policy, contact LearnMore@Yorktel.com.