AV Integration

Innovative and Intuitive Audio Visual Integration for Your Agile Workplace

Collaboration spaces have changed dramatically in recent years. In the age of the global workforce, digital natives need to connect and communicate instantaneously without having to worry about the underlying technology. AV System Integration, whether for a large conference room, huddle room, or anything in between, is essential to ensuring positive outcomes for your critical conversations.

Connect and Collaborate Faster and More Effectively

with Audio Visual as a Service System Integration

As a top AV integration company for nearly four decades, our global operations and vendor-agnostic expertise in audio visual system integration — combined with the highest levels of industry certifications — ensures that your people focus less on the technology and more on the meaningful outcomes.

Choosing the right AV integration company is the key to unlocking automation for high quality video conferencing, conference room audio, interactive touchscreens, room control systems, lighting, room scheduling and more – bringing everything together to maximize the power of your meetings.

Yorktel has the knowledge, experience, and processes to guide you to a more agile workplace.

Interested in how Audio Visual System Integration can streamline your technology acquisition model?

Get the AVaaS solution you need at a price you can afford.

AV as a Service

Thanks to the increase of IP-based equipment and the flood of application-driven features that offer myriad opportunities for platform customization, Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS) is becoming an increasingly viable, cost-effective solution.

Except for some minimal hardware elements such as a display device, speakers, a microphone and a camera, AV as a Service can live and be managed in the cloud. This convenience, plus Yorktel’s four decades as a leading Audio Video System Integrator, can make AVaaS a great choice to replace or supplement your current audio-visual technology.

As with all our IT as a Service offerings, Yorktel’s AV systems integration includes monitoring, hosting, bridging, gateway, network services, maintenance, updates, and integrated room services – all remotely operated by Yorktel for a fixed monthly fee.

Some of the benefits of AVaaS include:

Increased scalability and reduced responsibility

Reclaiming efficiencies that add up to significant time-savings such as remote administration and predictable monthly costs

Remaining current with equipment refreshes every 3-5 years

Control over system updates

Yorktel’s AVaaS model relieves our customers of the burdens associated with managing their own updates and maintenance. Similar to Microsoft’s Office 365 model, paying by the subscription with an AV integration company ensures your meeting and collaboration rooms have the most up-to-date technology.

Future-Proof & Backwards Compatible Design

As an AV integration company with 40+ years of experience, our clients can rely on us to think differently, provide fresh ideas, and bring a unique perspective to their AV Integration projects. When we build and deliver your meeting room and Enterprise Collaboration solutions, we take the big picture approach. We realize that our solutions need to be future-proof and backwards compatible. We’ll help you implement Unified Communications solutions that consider your current investments, processes, and strategic business goals.

Each integrated Audio Video solution design combines attention to form, function, and usability. You can tell that this balance is at work in our projects because our designers understand that well-designed AV solutions provide more than nice-to-have capabilities with a “wow!” factor. It enables fundamental business tools that we rely on for mission-critical operations. This knowledge keeps us focused on capabilities and value rather than fancy features.

YorkForce Program

Our YorkForce program augments the talents of our in-house AV Integration team with a network of highly vetted subcontractors. Industry certified and globally located, these Audio Video System Integrators are managed, maintained and dispatched by our dedicated Staffing/Subcontractor management team. This team evaluates a potential YorkForce subcontractor based on their skill and certification levels, then secondarily for coverage area and cost. All use of YorkForce is based on experience assessments from both internal and end user perspectives.

Using organic employees and YorkForce, our AV integration company maintains and support thousands of locations around the globe with a 95% retention rate regardless of customer location.

Our Partnerships

For nearly four decades, Yorktel has been building partnerships with the industry’s leading AV Manufacturers. We are proud to offer Unified Communications Solutions that include these award-winning technologies: