Enhancing Internal and External Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration solutions have grown to become a pillar of business communications and collaboration. Today, intelligent Unified Communications platforms are spanning the silos of video, voice, presence, email, BYOD, mobility, and many more enterprise collaboration tools. Interconnectivity amongst these technologies generates efficiencies and increases productivity, boosting innovation in companies around the globe.

The growth of the cloud has increased access to workplace collaboration tools, making them even more accessible without the management requirements of on-premises equipment. As part of our Enterprise Collaboration Solutions, our knowledgeable IT Consultants can integrate these business systems, processes, devices, and people – further enhancing productivity.

Many organizations are extending access to their enterprise collaboration systems to include external associates – such as partners, clients, and stakeholders. Enlarging this circle of connectivity can transform enterprise communication and collaboration, increase your competitive advantage, streamline processes, and drive innovation for both internal and external participants.

The Unified Communications Market Size Worth [is anticipated to be] $167.1 billion by 2025. (Source)

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Collaboration Space Design

Huddle Rooms Fuel Spontaneous Collaboration

There’s no question that a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing workspace can enhance employee well-being and productivity. In an effort to encourage spontaneous collaboration, many companies adopted open floor designs in the early 2000s.

Companies then moved on to Huddle Rooms which quickly became the new favorite space for the workforce, who value the privacy afforded by a quiet enclosed area equipped with the latest enterprise collaboration systems. 

For today’s hybrid workforce, organizations are switching to hybrid, immersive meeting rooms like Microsoft Teams or Webex Rooms which provide an enterprise collaboration solution to employees whether they are in the office or working from home. 

Companies committed to success for the long haul must be intentional about creating places where employees can easily collaborate. And that means rethinking the conference room and creating spaces like huddle rooms.” (Source)