Our Purpose:

We support, promote, empower, and recognize the businesswomen of Yorktel.

Our Mission:

We are committed to empowering businesswomen of the companies to achieve success on their own terms. We strive to provide opportunities for women to connect with and support each other through the discussion of topics relevant to today’s issues and to educate, inspire, and encourage women to reflect on their own goals.

Our Vision:

We shape the future of businesswomen in Yorktel by providing opportunities for development, fostering valuable connections, and facilitating member success through business and career growth.

Our Values:

  • We recognize and elevate one another.
  • We pursue growth and learning.
  • We support businesswomen.

Principles and Practices:

This is a professional networking group and as such encourages honest and ethical values.

Facilitate interaction between members.

Increase knowledge.

Promote interest in special leadership topics.

Develop partnerships between members.

Support and foster learning among members.

Provide a forum for networking, exchange of ideas, and mentoring.

Recent Events

These Yorktel female leaders recently attended the Women of the Channel event where they gathered knowledge from other female leaders as well as shared their own experiences.