User Adoption, Training, & Retention Services

User Adoption Services to Support Your Technology Initiatives

You’ve chosen your new technology solution, successfully integrated it with your existing enterprise collaboration environment, jumped over all the hurdles, and are cleared for launch.

But are your users ready for the transition? Are they even aware of the upcoming impact on their workflows? What is your plan for this last critical phase of your digital workflow transformation?

Yorktel’s Experience Management program consists of three phases: User Adoption, Training, and Retention Services. Together, this triumvirate can ensure that if you build it, they will come.

Our deep expertise in adopting technology in the workplace is designed to build awareness among your user base and encourage them to connect. This multi-faceted approach forms a personalized and supportive user adoption strategy, driving your initiative along the path to success.

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Yorktel’s Blog post, A Commitment to Continuing Education, explains how Yorktel’s ongoing workforce education equips us to better serve as trusted advisors to our customer base.

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Key Benefits of Driving User Adoption & End User Training Services

Continued Communications to Encourage User Adoption Training

We realize that your technology implementation may impact multiple user groups across different organizational tiers. To ensure that all relevant parties are kept up-to-date throughout your technology initiative, we disperse continuous communications throughout your technology rollout. Our user adoption strategy also includes setting up a feedback loop to collect users’ thoughts and experiences as they start using your new technology. These communications mechanisms increase awareness across your organization, boosting user adoption levels, and ensuring your new technology gets the attention it deserves.

Customized Training to Increase End User Engagement

Yorktel’s user adoption training services play a key role in our Experience Management. Our end user training is designed to lay the groundwork for increased user satisfaction and improved productivity. We educate your people on the actual technology that is specific to their user requirements and show them how they will use the technology throughout their day. This customized approach makes the solution relevant, personalized, and meaningful to your users.

Continued Communications to Encourage User Adoption

When introducing new workflows due to a service or technology change in the workplace, retention plays a key role in a successful new workflow adoption. Yorktel’s method of micro-video learning, coupled with retention exercises, fosters increased user engagement and buy-in. These exercises can complement Yorktel’s on-site user adoption training sessions for a comprehensive approach to ensuring your user base remains focused and continues skill-building with your new technology.

HyperCare Retention Services

Yorktel’s special HyperCare Retention Services provide an additional level of support. With HyperCare, Yorktel strategically places resources (Roving Support) walking the office floors close to end users who may require additional one-on-one assistance. This close level of oversight during hypersensitive periods after a service or technology deployment can greatly increase user adoption and retention levels.

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One survey found that 82% of enterprises found a user adoption strategy to be crucial to drive further value for their business (Source).

Interested in how Yorktel’s Experience Management Services can drive user adoption, training, and retention? Contact a Yorktel user adoption expert to find out.

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