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Today’s corporate landscape is evolving at warp speed, and sophisticated digital workplace solutions are enabling new styles of enterprise collaboration. Savvy business owners are adapting to the future of work by investing in enterprise collaboration tools that will enable Digital Transformation and change management without overtaxing their already overburdened internal IT teams.

Yorktel’s Change Management Services (part of our IT Consulting Services suite) help organizations navigate the overwhelming technology change management process. Our team will develop a strategy to get your business from where it is today to where you hope to be in the immediate, short-term, and long-term. Our mastery of a diverse portfolio of digital workplace solutions and services positions us to serve as your trusted advisor, guiding you around potential pitfalls and facilitating the necessary changes along your path to Digital Transformation.

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Digital Workplace Transformation impacts every aspect of an organization, including facilities, processes, technologies, workflow, and countless other aspects of the collaborative workplace.

This white paper explores the role of Change Management Services during a Digital Workplace Transformation and examines how an effective change management program addresses important phases to ensure your initiative succeeds:

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Key Benefits of Change Management Services:

Pre-Deployment Planning for a Customized Approach

Yorktel knows that when it comes to digital change management, no two customers are the same – there are no cookie-cutter solutions in our process. We act as a trusted advisor, jumping in from the outset, evaluating your current environment, identifying the potential roadblocks to a successful deployment, and developing strategies for overcoming those roadblocks. Yorktel Change Management Services provide customized, scalable strategies – you choose your preferred level of involvement regardless of the complexity of your venture.

Proof of Concept for Peace of Mind

Yorktel’s Change Management Consulting Services team takes the time to develop a proof of concept to ensure we are directly addressing your needs in a feasible solution. This step in the digital workplace change management process provides a window into how your deployment is ultimately delivered to your end-users. Essentially a small-scale design and deployment, this exercise is useful for identifying potential areas for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Deployment, Migration and Integration

Thanks to our global expertise across technology silos, our Change Management Consulting Services include the management, deployment, migration, and integration processes for even the most complex environments quickly and efficiently. Our Yorktel Engineers leverage your existing infrastructure if desired, helping make your connections smooth and seamless.

Managed Services & Support

A proven time and money-saver, Yorktel’s in-house Managed Services & Support team enhances and compliments your existing IT team, taking the burden of day-to-day management off your resources so they can focus on the business at hand – your business.

Change Management Technology Adoption & User Training

A successful deployment should be transparent to end-users, but this isn’t the end of the process. Once you are up and running, solid end-user training on how to derive the best value from your digital enhancements is critical to long-term, effective adoption, boosting your ROI and ensuring you will derive the best results from your initiative.

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“Successfully moving 2100 people and helping to foster a new collaborative workplace environment couldn’t have been done without such an outstanding and collaborative team that has a passion for the client’s user experience. Whenever there was an issue, [the] team took the problem with a sense of urgency and ensured the client was satisfied.”

~ Head of Workplace Services, Pharma

Interested in how Yorktel’s Change Management Services can smooth your technology transition Contact a Yorktel digital workplace change management expert to learn more.

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