Microsoft Network Readiness Assessment

Network Assessment Services to Prepare Your Teams for Greatness

The vast array of Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions and services are designed to provide a clear path for any organization to transition to the Modern Workplace. Unfortunately, many businesses embrace Microsoft solutions without considering the factors that will most benefit their end-users.

Yorktel’s Microsoft Network Readiness Assessments provide a detailed analysis of your existing network’s capabilities and a roadmap to readiness as you prepare to adopt or upgrade your Microsoft digital workplace solutions.

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Performing a Microsoft Network Readiness Assessment for your digital workplace ecosystem identifies possible obstacles to new technology integration while providing a detailed analysis of how to best leverage current drivers. Our Microsoft consultative expertise informs our guidance through your successful Digital Transformation initiative.

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Key Benefits of Microsoft Network Readiness Assessments:

Helping to Facilitate Change Management

Microsoft digital workplace solutions are more impressive than ever before, enabling teamwork within the office and around the globe. Microsoft 365Surface Hub 2,  and Microsoft Teams can serve as powerful drivers for an organization’s Digital Workplace Transformation and the future of work. Yorktel’s Microsoft Network Readiness Assessments provide a detailed analysis of how to best leverage these drivers in your existing network ecosystem or adopt new products and solutions that will fill any existing gaps.

Proactively Identify and Rectify Potential Pitfalls

A detailed understanding of an organization’s network requirements and its readiness to integrate new technology are critical to maximizing that technology’s true potential.

For example, Microsoft digital workplace solutions can consume an inordinate amount of bandwidth. If this extra demand on the network bandwidth usage is not addressed before implementation, applications will compete for that bandwidth. Frustrated end-users will be less productive and less enthusiastic about adopting new enterprise collaboration tools if bandwidth is not allocated and prioritized based on real-time application needs.

Yorktel’s Microsoft Network Readiness Assessments determine how to best allocate network bandwidth usage for maximum efficiency and prioritization.

Pick the Network Assessment Services Tier that Matches Your Needs

Because every network is different, Yorktel offers several tiers of Microsoft Network Readiness Assessments – Express, Enterprise, and Advanced – so you can select the level of detail and speed that best meets your organizational needs. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have deep expertise across the entire Microsoft Solutions product line and can help you to maximize your organization’s network potential.

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One of the biggest mistakes companies make when deploying Microsoft Teams is underestimating the network requirements for real-time communications. A wired and wireless Microsoft Network Readiness Assessment gives you the information you need to identify potential weaknesses in your current network, plus suggested guidelines for eliminating them in the immediate, short-term, mid-term and long-term future.

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