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Windows 10

Enjoy a View into Your Business with Balance, Control and Flexibility

The Windows 10 platform has played a key role in empowering end-user computing, an essential facet of today’s world of digital transformation. By bringing IT capabilities to end-users’ fingertips, Windows 10 has increased productivity and driven innovation for businesses across the globe.

The Windows 10 platform provides:

Intelligent security – Many businesses are still using traditional tools to fend off cyber-attacks. Windows 10 is a unified solution featuring automated remediation, threat prioritization, and continual, cloud-powered updates. Security is built in to both the Operating System and the Platform, providing comprehensive multi-level protection.

Simple deployment and management – Windows 10 automatically updates twice per year, so the solution is always current with the newest bells and whistles. This simplification takes the burden off of IT for the traditional time-consuming, costly deployment projects of the past.

Flexible management – You can choose how Windows 10 is managed – from the ground, while in transition, from the cloud, or a hybrid of all three options. You can also select how and where you want your devices supported, so you remain in control of the pace of your business initiative.

Enhanced productivity features – Windows 10 includes countless features designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. At a high level, these features help you work smarter and faster (Edge, Enterprise Search, Cortana or Timeline) they encourage collaboration (Whiteboard, OneNote, Nearby Sharing) and they strengthen workstyles (Accessibility, Ink, 3D). These are just a few of the types of benefits Windows 10 can bring to your business.

Microsoft estimates as of April 2018 reflect 184 million commercial devices are still on Windows 7 and 64% of them are over 5 years old.

Until Windows 7 goes end-of-life on January 4th, 2020

If you’re not planning for Windows 10, you’re planning for failure.
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The Yorktel Difference

Many organizations, in an effort to save time and resources, deployed Windows 7, skipped 8 and 8.1, and are now realizing the urgency to migrate to Windows 10. Windows 7 goes end-of-life on January 4th , 2020 and although that seems far into the future, in the IT world, it’s tomorrow! If you haven’t started mapping out your migration to Windows 10, take action now.

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Yorktel has mastered the complexities of Windows 10 migrations in all its forms. It’s not just about getting the software updated – many
organizations still have PCs which are over five years old – it’s about seamlessly migrating from numerous combinations of devices and infrastructure configurations, then providing training to encourage end-user adoption!

All of these efforts are performed in the context of Yorktel’s Change Management Program. This unique practice, developed by Yorktel over our many years of industry experience, differentiates us from other Microsoft-Certified Partners, providing us with a broader ability to deliver for companies with tens of thousands of employees.

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