AIOps-Powered Modern Work Room Monitoring


  • Increased confidence in the reliability of your rooms
  • Monitored by Multiple Sub Systems eliminating false positives
  • Minimized outages and downtime
  • Proactive issue reporting – reducing manual intervention
  • Advanced insights into the root cause of room issues

Strategic Services

Enterprise technology is complex. Yorktel’s Monitoring Services ensure a reliable and productive experience for all of your managed meeting rooms.

With a consolidated dashboard for real-time device health and room status, tickets are created automatically when issues arise. Our “best of breed” approach combines multiple OEMs’ cloud-based monitoring platforms with our own AIOps-powered solution.

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One Holistic Approach

Monitoring Features

AIOps Engine

Industry-leading proprietary AI algorithm that combines all vendor cloud platforms and provides clarity for your rooms.

Monitoring Insights and Analytics With AIOps

Make informed business decisions through real-time graphical reports and consolidated report packs.

Automated Notification, Ticket Creation and Priority Designation

Business logic is used for auto priority designation, based on ITIL standards of urgency and impact.

24x7x365 Automated Device Monitoring and Alerting

Alerts are triggered when industry best practice thresholds are reached.

Multiple Devices, One Self-Service Portal

Consolidated dashboard for all monitored devices and alerts.

Automated Room Health Checks and Self-Healing Routines

Daily automated test to ensure room readiness, coupled with rooms returned to default state at meeting end.

Additional Services

Onsite Managed Services

Scalable onsite and remote staffing options for maximum flexibility and efficiency.
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Ensure operational, secure, and compliant Modern Work services.
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ITSM eBonding

Seamlessly integrate your ITSM for streamlined, efficient support.

Turn reactive
into proactive

with Yorktel Monitoring Services.

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