Network Assessment Services

Using Network Readiness to Ensure a Successful Technology Transition

As the IoT continues to dominate today’s unified communications and collaboration landscape, Network Assessment Services play an increasingly critical role in determining whether your network ecosystem is healthy enough to support your desire to keep up with the competition.

Yorktel’s Network Readiness Assessments Services measure your organization’s ability to support unified communication and collaboration traffic. Our four readiness assessments range from express to advanced, with an option to select ongoing performance monitoring for added assurance.

Through our network assessments, our IT Consulting Team identifies performance gaps and prescribes recommendations to ensure best practices as you prepare for your technology transition.

Looking for Microsoft-specific assessments? Check our MS Network Assessment Capabilities here. 

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A Global Management Consulting Firm wanted to enhance their network capabilities as part of their Digital Workplace Transformation.

Learn how Yorktel’s Network Readiness Assessment revealed potential pitfalls and provided workaround recommendations to ensure the customer’s initiative was a success!

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Key Benefits of Yorktel’s Network Assessment Services

Select from Four Approaches to Match Your Network Needs

In recognition that no two network environments are identical, Yorktel IT Consulting offers four different levels of network assessments. Ranging from Express for smaller enterprises or limited scopes, to Advanced for mid-sized and larger enterprises, Yorktel’s Network Readiness Assessments have detailed program timelines with specific testing protocols, so you can choose the depth of exploration you wish.

Extended Assurance for Continued Monitoring

Once your Network Readiness Assessment is complete, Yorktel provides prescriptive recommendations for network enhancements. Reaching baseline compliance is an accomplishment, but staying compliant with QoS schemas and performance metrics takes ongoing effort. Yorktel’s Extended Assurance program keeps probe tools online for a full 12-months, ensuring the right tools are available to track progress, map trends, troubleshoot difficult issues, and ensure consistency and reliability of your UC&C traffic every day.

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

Yorktel’s approach to Network Assessment and Readiness reflects the CIA triad of technical compliance:

  • Confidentiality – Offers a high level of assurance that the data is restricted from unauthorized access.
  • Integrity – Ensures data retains its veracity and is intentionally modified by only authorized subjects.
  • Availability – Ensures authorized subjects are granted timely and uninterrupted access to objects. If security mechanisms offer availability, it provides a high level of assurance that the data, objects, and resources are accessible to authorized subjects.

Learn more about Yorktel’s Digital Change Management Services

“As organizations undertake Digital Transformation initiatives, understanding their employees’ individual touchpoints, moments of truth, pain points, improvement opportunities, and other collaboration factors can provide great insight into their users’ workplace journey. We heat-map various elements of the users’ workplace journey, creating a path to the collaboration experiences digital natives are seeking.”  Yorktel Consultancy

Interested in how Yorktel’s Network Readiness Assessment services can prepare your technology ecosystem for change Contact a Yorktel workplace readiness expert to learn more.

Complementary Network Readiness Assessment Offerings

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