It’s a fact of life that sometimes things go wrong. But they don’t have to disable your connected workforce.

Nobody likes to be blindsided by unexpected IT glitches, especially if they result in network downtime, interfere with your enterprise collaboration, or prevent your internal teams from operating at their maximum potential. Thankfully, you can rely on third-party Real Time Network Monitoring and Management Services to catch issues before they become real problems.

The multiple generations that comprise today’s modern workforce expect their preferred communication, collaboration and productivity tools to be available and at peak performance from anywhere, anytime. Without a comprehensive real time network monitoring and management strategy in place, workforce collaboration can suffer.

Yorktel’s Real Time Monitoring and Management experts proactively identify network environment anomalies and then resolve them before they impact performance. Our Continuity Managed Services tools and software take the burden of monitoring and managing your network infrastructure off your hands, so you can focus on your Digital Transformation Strategy.

Yorktel’s Surface Hub 2S Monitoring Service is a subscription-based service which monitors your Surface Hub 2S device health and alerts you of any anomalies. This proactive approach gives you peace of mind, knowing your Surface Hub 2S device will continue to empower your connected workforce in good health.

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Why You Need Real Time Network Monitoring & Management

Standards-Based, Best-in-Class, Fully Interoperable Platform

Yorktel’s ITIL-certified, standards-based platform provides full interoperability with your technology environment. You have the flexibility for custom integrations as needed through numerous APIs, without the extra time and expense required if using other “developed in-house” solutions on the market.

Unfortunately, many of these solutions lack potential future updates or even risk discontinuation. Partnering with Yorktel’s real time monitoring experts ensures complete adaptability without risk of obsolescence.


Derive Invaluable Insights from Real Time Monitoring

Yorktel’s real time device monitoring protocol takes a proactive approach to supporting your environment — actively seeking out potential issues between devices, infrastructure, and networks, anywhere in the world. Automated 24x7x365 notifications and trouble ticket creation empowers our certified network monitoring technicians to pinpoint and troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently — often before you are even aware of them. In today’s world of IoT, an automated network monitoring and management process is crucial to keeping your IT environment up and running smoothly.

Call Quality Monitoring When You Need It Most

Assessing and rectifying issues after they’ve passed is good, but doing it in real time is invaluable. Yorktel’s Real Time Network Monitoring and Management experts assess your call quality by monitoring several aspects, including dropped calls, latency issues, packet loss, jitter, and resource availability. The resulting findings quickly identify any glitches and rectify them on the spot, increasing overall call success rates throughout your organization.



Asset Management, So You Don’t Have To

Yorktel’s Asset Management Services team takes care of all the administrative duties for your collaboration estate over the lifecycle of your devices and infrastructure. This frees up your staff to focus on more pressing daily priorities.

Asset Management Services include capacity and license administration, software version and firmware updates, and regular reviews of device and infrastructure performance. Yorktel also maintains Room and User profiles, which include configuration changes, adding, editing or removing users and/or their associated permissions, so asset inventories are always up-to-date.

Real time visibility of your environment with proactive alert notifications greatly reduces or even eliminates device downtime by catching network issues before they cause disruptions.

Event and Alert Severities

Yorktel’s Real Time Network Monitoring and Management Services prioritize your events and alerts by color-coding them according to their level of severity and their potential impact on usability. This approach allows us to determine which issue to address first and strategize a solution accordingly.

Our goal is to ensure your solutions have minimal downtime. Yorktel’s over 35 years of experience leveraging the latest and best practices ensures you get the the highest quality collaborative experience available, while maximizing your return on investment.


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Complementary Real Time Network Monitoring and Management Offerings

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