Yorktel’s Continuity Management Service offers a unique approach to managing enterprise communication and collaboration environments. Leveraging the real time data gathered through our extensive Workplace Intelligence capabilities, Continuity Management Service applies sophisticated automation and assessment functionality to prioritize alerts and act accordingly.

By driving decision-making with real time analytical data, this combination of automation and business intelligence supports a workflow designed to maximize uptime and reduce impact to your enterprise.

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Why You Need Real Time Management

Service Goals Designed to Optimize Your Business Collaboration

Yorktel’s Continuity Management is designed around measurable, impactful customer service goals which support end-to-end management of all aspects of your collaboration environment.

We seek to improve the workplace experience, enhance the user experience, and to increase your asset utilization.


Key Components of Yorktel’s Management Service

  • Device Performance: Provide automated historical and real time asset utilization, fault detection, ticket generation, RCA and remediation. 
  • Service Performance: That guides internal and external service level objectives. 
  • Asset Management: To guide inventory tracking, software life cycle management and maintenance contracts of all of your UC, AV and IoT. 
  • Financial Insight: To understand, predict and prescribe ROI, cost avoidance or revenue creation. 
  • Business Strategy Insight: To understand, predict and prescribe initiatives that guide or contribute to your corporate strategy, mission and enabling business outcomes. 

Asset Management, So You Don’t Have To

Yorktel’s Asset Management Services team takes care of all the administrative duties for your UC, AV and IoT estate over the lifecycle of your devices and infrastructure. This frees up your staff to focus on more pressing daily priorities.

Asset Management Services include capacity and license administration, software version and firmware updates, and regular reviews of device and infrastructure performance. Yorktel also maintains Room and User profiles, which include configuration changes, adding, editing or removing users and/or their associated permissions, so asset inventories are always up-to-date.

Real time visibility of your environment with proactive alert notifications greatly reduces or even eliminates device downtime by catching network issues before they cause disruptions.

Best Practice

Yorktel’s Continuity Monitoring Service is best paired with Continuity Support and Continuity Monitoring to achieve the greatest value and the best ROI.


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Complementary Real Time Monitoring and Management Offerings

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