About ITES-SW2

Yorktel’s ITES-SW2 catalogs are regularly updated and offer thousands of individual items across the fourteen (14) catalog areas under an array of licensing options. Items are priced and competed at the delivery order level through RFP or Reverse Auction. With no contract fees and decentralized ordering, ITES-SW2 provides buyers a fast, flexible vehicle that keeps the originating contracting office in full control.

With four decades in federal sales, Yorktel has best practices, specialist knowledge and proven capabilities to support products through their life cycle.

If you have questions or can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us, we’re delighted to help.

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  • Experienced federal contractor with four decades of experience
  • Dedicated personnel for presale and after sale support excellence
  • Proficient delivery process, and as applicable subscription reminders and alerts
  • Inhouse specialties in Audio Visual, Multimedia and Design, Communications, IT Utility and Security and Medical
  • US-based 24×7 help desk for reporting and case management
  • Streamlined sourcing of hardware and services as needed to accompany software

Small Business Participation

Yorktel offers opportunities for small business subcontractors and publishers to participate. Contact the program office for information.

Contact our office to begin.

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