Smartphones have become a cornerstone of the Future of Work movement, allowing employees to get their work done anytime, anywhere. This flexibility motivates organizations to leverage new and different forms of collaboration, all from the comfort of an employee’s palm. The challenge? Ensure this collaboration is secure.

Microsoft 365’s InTune provides your workforce with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) through the Azure Active Directory cloud, protecting your corporate data while keeping your organization productive.


Yorktel’s free white paper, Moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams? Seven Strategies to Success, explains how to avoid the potential pitfalls of making this transition, particularly if you have a complex, multi-site network environment.

You will learn how to:

  • Leverage the differences between Teams and Skype
  • Plan a smooth transition
  • Use Teams to increase your voice options.
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Key Benefits of Microsoft InTune:

Enable Mobility without Sacrificing Security

Microsoft InTune empowers you to manage the mobile devices, PCs, and mobile apps your workforce uses while controlling how your corporate data is accessed. This protective oversight through the Azure Active Directory cloud ensures that mobile users are compliant with your organization’s security requirements and provides an additional level of safety beyond what the mobile operating system or mobile apps themselves offer.

Intelligence-Boosting Protection

According to a Forbes Insights report, “Mobility solutions will increasingly serve as a cognitive extension, empowering employees and organizations to acquire new skills quickly, work more and better together, and make better decisions.” Wrapping InTune’s additional security around these solutions will help drive your organization’s journey to the Modern Workplace.

Yorktel Expertise for Innovative Problem-Solving

Yorktel’s intimate knowledge of Microsoft products empowers us to configure InTune to specifically address your workforce’s unique needs. For example, a retail store may benefit from a pool of single-use devices for shift workers to share. Or, if your organization has a BYOD policy, you will want app management and data protection to secure your online assets. InTune also offers appealing features if you choose to issue corporate phones to your workforce or would like to leverage 3rd party apps on your managed devices.

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