Microsoft OneDrive

A Single, Safe, Storage Solution with Access Across All Devices

By 2025, there will be more than 75 billion connected devices worldwide. (Source)

Imagine the potential frustration of having to manually keep your files constantly updated across all your devices – the plethora of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, and all the other data we access day and night.

With Microsoft OneDrive, you can automatically save all your Microsoft Office 365 files and data to one location and access them from any device, from anywhere. In keeping with the evolving workstyles of the Modern Workplace, Microsoft OneDrive provides your workforce with the flexibility and security they need to successfully collaborate with the newest versions of their best work.

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Key Benefits of Microsoft OneDrive:

Never Lose Your Work Again!

Consider the universal experience of updating a document only to lose the work when your device crashes. Or putting hours of work into a project in the corporate office, then discovering you forgot to save your changes when you open it to continue work from home. Thanks to Microsoft OneDrive, you never need to suffer these frustrations again.

Secure, Continuous Saving

While protecting your data using SSL encryption, compliance, and security features, OneDrive continuously saves your changes, so you never have to wonder if you hit the “save” button or feel the unease of potentially losing your work due to a drive crash. Microsoft OneDrive also keeps your documents available when you are offline and automatically uploads your changes the next time you connect to the internet.

Simple Deployment and Management

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Yorktel understands the nuances of every Microsoft Solution and how they will best integrate with your existing technology ecosystem. We can give you peace of mind by providing the guidance you need for seamless planning, assessment, integration, and user adoption experience.

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