Cisco Consulting Services for Collaborative, Team-Based Solutions that Drive Intelligent Change

Today’s next-generation enterprise and cognitive collaboration tools inspire and connect teams to work smarter and more effectively.

Digital workplace products and solutions replicate real-time, in-person experiences that inspire trust and fuel collective brilliance, making each team more of the sum of its individuals.

Yorktel Cisco Consulting Solutions help businesses to understand Cisco’s extensive portfolio of cognitive Enterprise Collaboration solutions and services.

Cisco collaboration solutions create healthy workplaces which accelerate teamwork, encouraging members to share and engage, while empowering them to deliver outstanding, meaningful work.

With the focus on the team as the business-critical hub, Cisco’s cognitive collaboration tools build the connections that drive your enterprise collaboration and digital transformation journey.

A study published by the Institute for Corporate Productivity indicates that organizations that stimulate collaboration among their employees are 5x times more likely to have a considerable performance edge over businesses that do not. [Source]

Expertise From a Certified Cisco Partner

“We are proud of our people who worked so hard and diligently to reach this high level of expertise and are pleased to be associated with Cisco and their full line of products while being recognized by them for achieving this lofty level. When one considers the limited number of companies who have reached this level, it speaks volumes of the commitment we have made to Cisco and them to us.”

As a certified Cisco Partner, Yorktel holds numerous Cisco certifications across a wide spectrum of their products and solutions.

But Yorktel’s relationship with Cisco is about more than just awards and accolades. Our many years of experience integrating Cisco collaboration solutions have empowered us with the insights to match Cisco technologies with specific customer business requirements.

This proven expertise ensures our customers implement Cisco transformation solutions that will best drive their strategic business objectives.

Our Cisco Certifications

  • Advanced Technology Program (ATP-Gold Equivalent) Certified
    Cloud & Managed Services Advanced Partner
  • Telepresence Customization Certified (one of two in North America. Only one in EMEA)
  • Telepresence as a Service Specialization
  • Digital Media Suite Certified (DMS)
  • Unified Communications Certified
  • WebEx Certified

Ready to learn how Yorktel’s Consulting Services & Cisco Collaboration Solutions can drive digital transformation?

Cisco Collaboration Solutions & Services

Webex Video Conferencing for Enterprise Team Collaboration

Cisco professional services from Yorktel includes Cisco collaboration services to enterprise customers who want to leverage the inherent benefits of the cloud in the cognitive workplace.

Our Cisco consulting experts help design, implement and manage these Cisco Webex collaboration solutions and services to drive your digital transformation strategy.

  • Cisco Webex Calling: Convenient options to stick with your current PSTN provider while transitioning your calling services to the cloud, using a Cisco gateway.
  • Cisco Webex Contact Center: Offers both on-premise, hosted, and cloud options for unified contact centers that increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Cisco Webex Meetings: Provides simple, modern video meetings with easy schedule and join experiences.
  • Cisco Webex Teams: For web meetings, team collaboration messaging, and calling as a cloud-based service.

Explore Yorktel’s Webex Services supporting Cisco’s Webex portfolio.

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Cisco On-Premise (or Hybrid) Cognitive Collaboration Solutions and Services


For our customers with on-premise equipment or a hybrid combination, Yorktel’s Cisco Consulting Services provide expert guidance on the Cisco cognitive collaboration solutions which will make the most of your individual technology configurations.

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager: Provides an enterprise-class IP telephony call-processing system. In addition to traditional telephony features, it provides advanced capabilities, such as video, mobility, presence, preference, and full-featured conferencing services.
  • Cisco Meeting Server: Provides a consistent, one-meeting video conferencing experience for every meeting attendee, as well as open interoperability. The technology is all based on a highly scalable software architecture supporting business-quality meetings from mobile through immersive via audio, video, and web.

Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan

One Agreement Meets All Your Collaboration Needs

The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan provides access to all the cognitive collaboration tools you need through a single, subscription-based agreement.

This Cisco professional service offers collaboration deployment models which include software, upgrades, and support for Cloud Services and On-Premise (or Hybrid) Cisco Collaboration Services.

Cisco Flex is a simple and economical way for you to make the transition to the cloud in a simplified purchasing process. Its tools enable company-wide meetings, team collaboration, and calling features, making it easy for your users to access the services they need without worrying about how they are delivered.

Yorktel’s Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan allows you to choose from three subscription-buying models. Pick the plan which best suits your financial structure.

Find the best Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan for you.

Cisco Collaboration Endpoints in Project Workplace

Work Smart through Intelligent Collaboration

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Project Workspace showcases all the Cisco collaboration solutions you need, with examples of how to build ideal collaboration spaces and huddle rooms to make most out of your Cisco configurations.

Yorktel’s Cisco consulting can guide you through the Project Workplace catalog to provide insights on Cisco’s numerous collaboration endpoints for both phone and video devices.

Brainstorm which Cisco collaboration solutions are must-haves to connect your digital workplace and choose the arrangement that will best drive your telepresence and video conferencing initiatives.

Check out these Cisco collaboration tools available in Project Workplace:

View Cisco’s Webex Boards | Explore Cisco’s Webex Rooms | Check out other Cisco Endpoints

Cisco endpoints leverage IoT and AI innovation.

AI is built right into Cisco endpoints, adding a degree of intelligence lightyears ahead of past product components. You can join meetings more easily, gather data, assess analytics, and make better business decisions leveraging these Cisco innovations.

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