Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 Before You Become A Security Risk.

Are you still using Windows 7? It’s time to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible. Microsoft’s long-anticipated End of Support for Windows 7 was officially January 14, 2020, so software and security updates to Windows 7 are now no longer available. Microsoft is encouraging Windows 7 users to upgrade to the Windows 10 […]

Enabling the Connected Workforce in 2020

Happy New Year to our customers, partners, and all of our faithful blog readers. I wanted to take this time to extend my appreciation to everyone in the Yorktel technology family for all of the great things we accomplished in 2019. It was an exhilarating year for Yorktel and we enjoyed all of the ups […]

Microsoft Azure Extends Hybrid Cloud Benefits, Enabling Multi-Cloud Management

New developments in hybrid cloud management capabilities continue to drive agility and innovation.  Customers are realizing the tremendous value of outsourcing some, or ALL, of their hybrid cloud management needs to an experienced Managed Services Provider with comprehensive hybrid cloud infrastructure expertise. Microsoft Ignite offered the perfect opportunity to announce Azure Arc – a new […]

Video Blog: BASF

On November 5th Yorktel held an onsite demo of our various products and services to BASF employees. Check out the video to learn more!

Microsoft Ignite 2019: New Gateway CVI Options offer Seamless Interoperability for Team Collaboration

Microsoft Ignite 2019 featured several heavy-hitting industry announcements which tackled everything from IoT to AI to next-gen analytics. It was an exciting show, in part because there are so many development initiatives right now and in part because of the resulting ambiguity around some areas of technology that are in transition. Some new offerings are […]

Video Blog – Keurig Dr Pepper Commercial Organizational Expo

On October 10th, the Media Services team assisted Keurig Dr Pepper with their Commercial Organizational Expo. Check out the video to learn more!

IoT in Healthcare Improves Data Collection and Patient Monitoring with Edible, Wearable Sensors

Often when we discuss IoT we think of devices connected in offices or business locations, but the application of IoT in the healthcare space is literally life-changing. In Healthcare the focus is on the Continuum of Care, which is the entirety of care from birth to death. Leveraging IoT along this continuum can drastically improve […]

Video Blog: FTC and the Future of the COPPA Rule

Last month, Yorktel provided Media Services support for the Federal Trade Commission and their webcast about the future of the COPPA Rule, which deals with requirement and rule on websites directed towards children under 13. Watch the video to learn more!    

Yorktel Announces Two New Services for Microsoft Teams

Earlier today, Yorktel announced two new services that will dramatically enhance users Microsoft Teams experience, Microsoft Teams Gateway and Univago Teams Voice! These new services, along with the rest of Yorktel’s offerings will be on display at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, FL from November 4th-November 8!   Microsoft Ignite will connect thousands of individuals in software development, security, architecture and […]

Video Blog: Yorktel Gateway and OBTP (One Button to Push)

Check out the video below to learn more about Yorktel’s Gateway and One Button to Push capabilities with Microsoft Teams!  

Reporting and Data Analytics – Turn Big Data into Big ROI

For a long time across many industries, Big Data was the King of IT. The more numbers you extrapolated from whatever your lines of business, the bigger IT clout you had. It could be said that “I have more data than you!” was the favorite quote (gloat) of any enterprise that could generate spreadsheets. But […]

The Future of Work: The Influencers, The Impact, and the Benefits

Is it time to jump onto the millennial bandwagon?   The traditional workforce as we know it is undergoing a seismic shift, dubbed the Future of Work. Over the past decade, demographic and socioeconomic changes, plus advances in technology, have generated an evolution in the workforce. Global organizations are homing in on how attract and […]

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