Fostering Engagement and Growth In Your Hybrid Workforce With Microsoft Teams Rooms

The office of the past is history. The after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to change the landscape of what we consider an office environment. More businesses have evolved to adopt a hybrid model, where employees can come into the office as required, but other times be free to work from where they choose – […]

5 Reasons Why Cisco Webex Suite Is Perfect for Your Hybrid Workforce

With the Covid-19 pandemic waning, the hybrid work environment is fast becoming the wave of the future and many companies are scrambling to keep up with this new normal. Hence the emergence of solutions like the Cisco Webex Suite and managed services that can make a hybrid work environment work for everyone.  The pandemic has […]

What Your Organization Needs To Know About The Windows 11 Upgrade

Despite initial plans for an end-of-year release, Microsoft launched Windows 11, a free update to Windows 10 on October 5th. Windows 11 offers extensive new functionality for productivity and collaboration, hybrid work, and security. A few of the highlights of the Windows 11 upgrade include a new user interface (UI), greater integration with Microsoft Teams, […]

Are Managed IT Support Services A Thing of the Past?

Today’s organizations – whether based in pharmaceuticals, education, government, healthcare or other sector – are united by their common need for Managed IT Support Services. The ongoing global disruption and increasing pace of change has created a pressing need for oversight and organizational IT management and support. However, the recent emergence of countless user-friendly applications […]

Microsoft CEO Praises Yorktel’s Innovative Use of Microsoft Technology

For many organizations, the global pandemic has acted as an unforeseen springboard forcing the advancement of remote collaboration & video communications. The downside is that with the rush of this there are regular horror stories being told about this transition, the technology and how painful it was for many organizations to implement quickly. That’s why […]

Why Modern Endpoint Management is a Game-Changer for Today’s Enterprises

With more companies approving remote work and distributed workforces on the rise, a unified approach to IT infrastructure is essential. Legacy systems, remote access, and even shadow IT can create weaknesses in security and organizational governance. In response to these potential threats, forward-thinking companies would be wise to consider a modern endpoint management solution. What […]

Security, Audio Visual and IT Monitoring Services in Hybrid Workplaces

Throughout 2020 and 2021, the global pandemic has forced businesses worldwide to enable and support remote work options for their employees. A FlexJobs survey quoted by says that 65% of the over 2,100 people surveyed reported that they wanted to work from home full-time when the pandemic is truly over. An additional 33% said […]

Microsoft Teams Voice Calling: All You Need To Know

What is Microsoft Teams Voice Calling? Microsoft Teams Voice is taking the voice communications market by storm as organizations work to become fully Modern Workplaces. If you’re not familiar, Microsoft Teams Voice allows users to make and receive PSTN calls from mobile and desktop devices through Microsoft Teams. While you can choose to integrate Microsoft […]

The End of Technology Islands – How Gateway Solutions Are Transforming Your Many Platforms Into a Seamlessly Unified Workplace

Almost since the inception of the Internet, organizations have attempted to connect disparate “islands” of enterprise communication platforms and networks. Historically it has been a mammoth endeavor to create seamless interoperability between different providers’ platforms, and every time an enterprise service provider launches a new protocol or standard it gets more complicated — until the creation […]

VNOC and help desk

How AV is Changing in the Digital Workplace

Today there is more attention on networks, the cloud and UC&C applications than ever before, introducing new questions for the future of AV. Organizations have been rapidly migrating to platforms like Cisco WebEx, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, Teams Voice, replacing existing on-premise resources that needed AV management with newer IT systems. This transition has risen […]

Virtual Productions Are Here to Stay: What Are Your Options?

With the rise of COVID-19 in 2020, organizations and industry leaders were forced to overhaul traditional in-person events while maintaining the critical networking and promotional functions the events provided. Many canceled events for the entire year, which frequently resulted in key losses but helped preserve resources. However, a lot of organizations experimented with multi-media virtual […]

Has Your Monitoring and Management Solution Kept Pace with COVID-19?

The rise of COVID-19 has accelerated enterprise digital transformation to unprecedented levels. The focus has shifted from meeting rooms and centralized business hubs to entirely decentralized estates with exponentially more endpoints. Thanks to this shift, finding a monitoring and management solution that has kept up with the demands of the time can give organizations a […]

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