Lots of business today is conducted in the cloud. Especially with today’s modern workplace that supports remote and hybrid teams, cloud connectivity and collaboration have become more important than ever.

Yet, the hardware to support this connectivity can have a significant carbon footprint. As you think about ways to improve both your efficiency and sustainability in IT, managed cloud services emerge as the best way to optimize your operations and reduce your resource consumption to be more eco-friendly.

The Environmental Edge of Managed IT Cloud Solutions

Enterprise technology creates about 1% of global greenhouse gases. While that may seem small, it is roughly equivalent to the entire U.K.’s carbon footprint. Plus, 50 million tons of electronic waste is generated each year. The environmental impact is great.

Managed IT cloud solutions centralize data and applications, reducing the need for multiple data centers. This can dramatically reduce energy consumption for power and cooling. Large-scale data centers are optimized for efficiency. In turn, this reduces your carbon footprint and eliminates much of the IT waste from replacing on-premise equipment.

Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Data centers use a lot of power. In fact, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reports that it adds up to about 1-1.5% of all electricity use worldwide. The rapid emergence of AI, which uses massive computing power, is using vastly more power as well.

Because of this heavy resource use and associated costs, there has been a significant amount of R&D dollars spent in making these facilities more efficient. Because managed IT cloud solutions serve multiple customers, they can achieve economies of scale to invest in more energy-efficient solutions than most companies can with their on-prem data centers. This again results in greater IT sustainability.

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Advanced Infrastructure

As sustainability becomes a priority in IT, manufacturers and buyers are focusing on energy-efficient servers and equipment. Data centers are adopting advanced technologies and investing in eco-friendly infrastructure to lower consumption and costs.

Cloud providers, recognizing cost savings and environmental benefits, are actively investing in these green technologies. This strategy reduces operational expenses and supports global sustainability goals, positioning them as responsible environmental stewards.

Cooling and Power Management

Significant advancements are also being made in cooling and power management.

For example, single-phase liquid immersion cooling, also known as direct-to-chip cooling, pumps liquid directly onto the surface of processors to absorb heat. Liquid then flows through a heat exchanger to dissipate the heat before it’s pumped back in again. There’s also a two-phase process where the entire server is immersed in liquid coolant that maintains temperatures. When heat is generated, the liquid creates a vapor that releases the heat and then cools, returning to the container for recirculation.

More common processes include rear-door heat exchanger systems which dissipate heat, using a liquid-filled coil to absorb heat before dispersing it. Smart cooling technology also leverages intelligent fan control algorithms that work together to maintain the lowest possible fan power state while optimizing cooling.

Decreasing On-Premise Hardware Requirements

Managed services can also leverage large-scale computing power across multiple clients. This improves IT sustainability in two distinct ways.

Reduction in Physical Infrastructure

There is a significant reduction in the physical infrastructure (and power needed) by migrating from on-prem to the cloud. Since data centers also tend to use space more efficiently, we can reduce the overall tech footprint without sacrificing speed or computing power.

Lifecycle Management

IT cloud solutions providers manage hardware throughout its entire lifecycle to maximize efficiency and longevity. This includes repurposing equipment where applicable, recycling, and the proper disposal of electronic equipment.

Overall Impact on IT Carbon Footprint

According to research conducted by the major cloud service providers, cloud computing dramatically improves your sustainability in IT compared to on-prem resources:

  • Microsoft: Microsoft’s operations are between 22% and 93% more energy-efficient.
  • AWS: AWS reduces energy consumption by nearly 80% and carbon emissions by 96%
  • Google: Google operates at twice the efficiency of a typical enterprise data center.

In addition, major power users like these cloud service providers invest heavily in green power to reduce the overall impact on the environment.

How Yorktel Promotes Sustainability in IT through Cloud Solutions

Yorktel is committed to providing managed IT cloud solutions that prioritize sustainability. We tailor custom cloud solutions to meet your unique enterprise needs, enhancing sustainability and efficiency.

Our managed IT cloud solutions integrate commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that support environmental sustainability policies. Our internal Sustainability Team led by our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) focuses on reducing emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and programs to repair, re-use, or resell used equipment.

Embrace Managed IT Cloud Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Utilizing managed IT cloud solutions can help you build a more sustainable future — not only by supporting your operational efficiency to lower resource utilization and costs but also by contributing to sustainability in IT.

Organizations should evaluate their current IT infrastructure and carbon footprint. In nearly every case, you will benefit from transitioning to managed cloud services.

Yorktel can help with cloud IT solutions that emphasize sustainability for your enterprise collaboration that powers the modern workplace.

Contact us today to find out how partnering with Yorktel can enhance your IT sustainability.