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How Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions Fit Into Your Existing UCC Infrastructure

At its core, the idea behind enterprise collaboration is a simple one. You’re talking about the technology put in place at an organizational level that helps improve information gathering and […]

Why Managed Services are Essential to Your Enterprise Collaboration Strategy

For any business to be successful, your employees need to be able to come together to form something more powerful as a collective than they could do as individuals. They […]

Reducing Enterprise Collaboration Costs with Managed Services

At its core, enterprise collaboration is all about the free flow of information across the entirety of an organization. It’s about breaking down those silos that typically exist and making […]

Why Modern Organizations are Turning to Room Managed Services

Whether you need an all-in-one video conferencing solution, interactive collaboration tools, or modular meeting room solutions, room managed services are becoming increasingly popular. Understanding the Shift to Room Managed Services […]

How Managed Meeting Room Services Can Address Your IT Challenges

Employees spend an average of 31 hours per month in meetings they consider to be less-than-productive. That’s a significant amount of wasted time. The number of meetings is increasing, too. […]

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