Entity: York Telecom Corporation

Contract ID: Authorized Device Reseller

MBE: Yes

Scope: Microsoft eligible Surface Products, Devices and Hubs.

Open to: All branches of Georgia State Government, county and municipal government entities, education & quasi-governmental entities.

Award Date: 7/19/2019

Yorktel Contacts:


Stephen White, VP Gov. Programs
Rebecca Kane, Sr. Contract Administrator

About the Contract:

Yorktel offers Georgia users decades of product and integration experience from Auditorium-to-Zoom. The contract supports product-only purchases, and a wide range of design, integration, installation, maintenance and support. Georgia buyers are assured quality products and services.

Yorktel offers professional advice on product selection and free cost estimates for AV projects. We deliver state-wide at any scale for classrooms, meeting room, courtroom, remote worker, contact center, operations and command centers, SCIF, media studio and more. We also supply and support AV-related software and subscriptions for Cisco Webex, Microsoft O365, Zoom and more.

Yorktel operates a true 24×7 Service desk as is a reliable maintenance provider for new and existing AV-related solutions? Continuity™ service plans let you consolidate and mix-n-match service plan options on a room-to-room basis.

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