Today’s workforce is multidimensional, geographically dispersed, and IT-centric. Depending on the size of your organization, you may have people working in different time zones, using a wide range of devices, working from varied types of work environments – from the local coffee shop to cube-land. The challenges associated with enabling efficient and effective communications despite all these factors can be daunting.

Microsoft Exchange Server provides you with access to “intelligent,” business-class email and calendaring from virtually anywhere, so you never have to be out of touch with the rest of your team. As a key component of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products, Exchange’s cross-organizational communications and calendaring capabilities unify your workforce with more reliable, streamlined communications and day-to-day business operations.


Digital workplace transformation impacts every aspect of an organization, including facilities, processes, technologies, workflow, and countless other aspects of the collaborative workplace.

This white paper explores the role of Change Management during Digital Workplace Transformation and examines how an effective Change Management program addresses the following important phases to ensure your initiative succeeds:

  • Discovery
  • Hypercare
  • Awareness & Training
  • Analytics
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Key Benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server:

Streamline Your Business Communications

Microsoft Exchange Server is a dedicated server that boosts communication and collaboration with email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. It provides a more organized way to prioritize tasks, search for hard-to-find items, and take advantage of add-ins to customize your email and calendaring experience.

Multi-Layered Security for Shared Data

Security is a top priority for information shared through email. Microsoft Exchange Server has built-in protection, including multi-layered anti-spam filters to safeguard against high-tech scams and phishing attempts. Also, your emails are all backed up on the server and accessible whenever necessary. Thanks to this “always available” advantage, you can check your emails and calendar while on the run, ensuring you don’t miss any critical business alerts.

Access Any Time from Your Favorite Device

Microsoft Exchange Server’s sophisticated calendaring system captures events automatically from emails (such as hotel and airline reservations), making sure you have the information you need to get where you want to go – on time. Thanks to our expertise across Microsoft products and solutions, Yorktel can configure your Exchange Server, Exchange Online, or a Hybrid architecture, allowing you to connect with your choice of device, whether it’s your laptop, tablet, iPad or smartphone.

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