Thanks to the nature of IoT, today’s workforce is in a constant state of change. Digital Transformation accommodates vastly different workstyles, connecting teams from geographically remote locations.

Many organizations simply don’t have the bandwidth to address the myriad day-to-day staffing support challenges presented by a diverse and ever-changing workforce. Many companies have trouble filling positions due to the fierce competition among top employers.

Yorktel’s on-site Staff Augmentation Services provide domestic and global clients with the complete in-sourcing operational support you need to achieve maximum efficiency.

Our flexible staffing support options are designed to meet your environment’s unique requirements, from providing a single staff member to several individuals with options for short or long term, temporary and contract-to-hire. With our IT support staff on your premises, your teams can focus on strategy while we take care of the technology, to ensure smooth operations.


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Client-Specific, Data-Driven Methodology

Yorktel designs client-specific, on-site staffing models to ensure you receive the optimum balance of IT support services and cost containment. We analyze your staffing support requirements, then assess room counts and current operations to determine appropriate staff positions, competencies, and headcount. We then make staffing augmentation recommendations based on our best practices, derived from similar deployments.

Professional Personnel with Exceptional Expertise

Yorktel’s on-site personnel are managed as part of a larger pool of experienced specialists, with niche expertise in Enterprise Collaboration, Consulting Services, AV Integration, Managed Services, Media Services, and Technology as a Service offerings.

Each member of Yorktel’s on-site staffing support team receives ongoing training in new technologies and best practices and has access to all Yorktel’s engineering resources. Also, our custom web portal provides our personnel with the ability to manage and track multiple facets of your on-site operations, providing you with enhanced accountability through detailed business intelligence Reporting and Analytics.

Extensive Staff Augmentation Service

Yorktel’s Staff Augmentation Services  cover a wide range of customer needs. Here are just a few very high-level examples of our areas of staffing support specialization.

  • Program management
  • White-glove concierge service
  • Audio Visual & Video Conference equipment management
  • Onsite call launching services
  • Event services
  • Multimedia specialists


Each of these areas includes more defined staffing support. For example, Onsite call launching services includes:


  • Room scheduling & room conflict management
  • Centralized scheduling tools integrated into your existing calendar system; customized confirmations
  • Call launching & management for point-to-point and multipoint conferences
  • Centralized 24/7 VNOC monitoring of conference room equipment and infrastructure

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