Chances are your collaboration strategy includes numerous users, devices and rooms – all crucial pieces of the collaboration puzzle. The sheer number of items to track makes it nearly impossible to know what’s working, what isn’t, and most importantly, what hidden gaps need to be uncovered.

Identifying these gaps, resolving mitigating issues, and developing an effective collaboration strategy all require quantifiable data and intelligent reporting. Without these two critical factors, your opportunities for ROI will remain hidden.

Yorktel takes the guesswork out of your Reporting & Analytics by harvesting and amalgamating select data elements into a series of meaningful dashboards and reports. Our Managed Services experts understand how to interpret your data and unearth the story behind it, identifying opportunities for increased productivity and ROI.

These opportunities form the basis of our personalized recommendations, designed to enhance your collaboration capabilities and drive your Digital Transformation strategy.


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Understanding the Meaning Behind Your Data

Real-Time Dashboards and Customized Reports

Yorktel’s automated, customizable dashboards and reports provide critical information on utilization, meeting statistics, network performance, call quality, and more. Our sophisticated reporting resources enable us to collate vast amounts of data from many sources, through standards-based platforms. We present this data in a meaningful way, through reporting that quickly provides you with a visual representation of your data and reveals a path to reducing losses and increasing productivity.

  • Space Utilization
  • Meeting Statistics
  • Network Performance
  • Call Quality
  • Meaningful Insights
  • 360° Real Time Reporting
  • Demonstrate ROI
  • Finding Patterns

Real-Time 360° View Reveals Compelling Network Insights

Yorktel’s reports and dashboards have been designed to provide a 360° real-time view of all your network collaboration environment activities, large and small. This advantage of perspective and timing allows us to identify nuances in your data that go beyond simple reporting.

For example, exploring the potential reasons behind your trouble tickets may require the extra steps of identifying the ticket source, who raised it, and the ultimate outcome. This detailed examination provided in real-time, (rather than purely reporting the number of tickets) can provide insights on trends to be amplified if positive or reduced if negative.

Creating Valuable Recommendations from Intelligent Analysis

As with many initiatives, the ability to demonstrate ROI is crucial when assessing your network infrastructure. Reporting & Analytics play a valuable role in this process, showing patterns and behaviors that can have a deep impact on your primary business objectives.

Through intelligent data evaluation, Yorktel experts can make quantitative recommendations on how to improve your users’ collaboration experience and your bottom line. For example, we can recommend software and hardware upgrades by analyzing the issues reported by equipment type and software level. We can identify workgroups who may need additional User Adoption by examining the nature of trouble tickets from a specific group. Our analysis of call quality data may suggest a need for a Network Assessment to determine trouble spots. These types of recommendations can enhance your user experience, mitigate risk of reoccurrence, and demonstrate the ROI you seek.

Reporting & Analytics empower users with the information needed to make the best business decisions, enabling maximization of the digital workplace, providing focus points and helping shape future collaboration strategies and investments, all while simultaneously relieving the pressure on your internal IT team.

  • Drive Recommendations
  • Inform Discussions
  • Consulting Engagement
  • Shaping Future Collaboration Strategy

The ability to demonstrate real time, quantitative data in a meaningful way is incredibly powerful.

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