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Huddle Room Design to Inspire Spontaneous Collaboration

Many activities, such as in-person quarterly team meetings or all-hands gatherings naturally lend themselves to traditional large office spaces. But many other efforts benefit from small, private collaboration areas, also known as Huddle Rooms. These unified communication and collaboration spaces are fully equipped with the same Enterprise Collaboration Solutions used for larger functions. Huddle Rooms are one of the biggest trends reflecting the move towards intelligent workspace design.

Yorktel’s Collaboration Space Design capabilities can provide you with a visionary perspective for your collaborative workspaces, incorporating AI and IoT, to give your organization the diversified spaces you need to drive maximum productivity across your workforce.

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Huddle Room Designs – Small Spaces with Big Impact

Huddle Rooms are in demand across industries and technology sectors. These small, fully-functional rooms directly address the diverse needs of today’s multi-generational workforce, providing an Intelligent Space that supports Enterprise Collaboration while on the fly. These collaboration room ideas provide the convenience that fuels spontaneous collaboration and creativity, allowing small teams the privacy they desire without sacrificing functionality.

Huddle Rooms Maximize Your Real Estate Investment

Huddle rooms are a great collaboration space design tool enabling organizations to utilize otherwise underused spaces, getting more for your real estate dollar. Frost & Sullivan’s market trends analysis found that 75% of all meetings in large conference rooms consist of just three to four people, wasting space that could be used for other functions. Studies show that 75-80% of meetings today average about 2-4 individuals, ideal for huddle spaces.

Collaboration Room Ideas are Easy to Set Up for Remote Team Members

Because they are small spaces, huddle room design requires smaller budgets to be cost-effective. Yorktel’s AV-enabled huddle rooms are particularly beneficial for remote team members who want a quick face-to-face or ad-hoc checkpoint meeting with on-site teams. And the natural informality of the smaller spaces lends itself well to creative group exercises like brainstorming or whiteboarding.

Yorktel’s expertise in AV design and unified communications allows us to create the huddle space collaboration rooms you seek with the robust, engaging tools that will empower your workforce. We work with you on a collaboration space design that will enhance collaboration for your individuals, groups, and workstreams.

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