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How to Evaluate Operator Connect Providers

Understanding Operator Connect Providers: A Primer Operator Connect providers help connect traditional telephone systems and cloud-based tools like Microsoft Teams. By partnering with third-party providers, Teams users can keep everything […]

When to Adopt Microsoft Teams Operator Connect

The customer experience can make — or break — brands. Efficiently handling calls and contacts is crucial to creating a customer experience that attracts and retains customers. However, many companies […]

How Microsoft Operator Connect Can Ease Communications

Microsoft Operator Connect is a cloud-based call management solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to reduce the complexity and cost of managing call services. Built on the MS Azure […]

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which One Suits Your Organization Best?

Exploring Options in Cloud-Communication Tools In the ever-evolving landscape of remote, hybrid, and distributed workforces, the need for efficient collaboration tools has become paramount. Virtual meetings have replaced many in-person […]

Top 5 Most Effective Microsoft Teams Adoption Strategies

Is Your Organization Ready for Microsoft Teams Adoption? Whether you are looking for a better way to connect a remote, hybrid, or distributed workforce, or you want to streamline your […]

A Step-by-Step Guide for a Successful Microsoft Teams Migration

Migrating to Microsoft Teams can provide significant benefits for organizations looking to improve collaboration, communication, and productivity. A centralized hub connects your team members seamlessly regardless of where they are […]

Microsoft Teams Features & Benefits for Maximizing Productivity

Yorktel is a Microsoft-certified partner with deep expertise in creating tailored solutions for Microsoft Teams deployments to maximize workflows and productivity. Microsoft Teams for the Modern Workplace Microsoft Teams is […]

Migrating to Microsoft Teams: FAQs Asked & Answered

Establishing effective communication across all teams and departments is essential for modern organizations. However, many businesses struggle to find better ways to keep their teams connected while operating with remote […]

CIO Coverage Names Yorktel in the Top 10 Leading Microsoft Partners to Watch in 2023

Incorporating four decades of collaboration experience, along with knowledge of the entire Microsoft cloud ecosystem, Yorktel’s holistic approach to collaboration solutions and services has allowed it to climb to the […]

Signs It’s Time to Consider Microsoft Teams Consulting

When Microsoft Teams is effectively deployed, secured, and strategically integrated within an organization’s business application ecosystem, it can increase employee productivity, engagement, and efficiency. On the other hand, if a […]

Advantages of Using a Managed Collaboration Service Provider for Your Enterprise Voice Solution

Effective collaboration is a key element of the modern day workplace and one that demands unwavering communication capabilities. But the modern day workplace is more physically fragmented than ever, with […]

What is a Cloud Based Phone System?

Modern workplace changes have sped up the development of many digital collaboration platforms that make it easier for remote, hybrid & in-office workers to perform consistently regardless of location. Cloud […]

Microsoft Teams Voice Plans: Which One is Right For Your Enterprise?

When it comes to internal & external business communications, many organizations have switched over to tools like Microsoft Teams to help streamline collaboration and increase productivity. However, while the basic […]

Leveraging MS Teams Rooms for Your Enterprise Collaboration

Every Microsoft Office 365 license includes the Teams application at no charge, supporting live and archived “anytime chat,” meetings, presentations, and file sharing – all the ingredients for collaboration on […]

Fostering Engagement and Growth In Your Hybrid Workforce With Microsoft Teams Rooms

The office of the past is history. The after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to change the landscape of what we consider an office environment. More businesses have evolved to […]

What Your Organization Needs To Know About The Windows 11 Upgrade

Despite initial plans for an end-of-year release, Microsoft launched Windows 11, a free update to Windows 10 on October 5th. Windows 11 offers extensive new functionality for productivity and collaboration, […]

Microsoft Teams Voice Calling: All You Need To Know

What is Microsoft Teams Voice Calling? Microsoft Teams Voice Calling allows users to make and receive PSTN calls from mobile and desktop devices through Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams Voice is […]

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Yorktel Announces Two New Service Offerings for MS Teams

Earlier today, Yorktel announced two new services that will dramatically enhance users Microsoft Teams experience, Microsoft Teams Gateway and Univago Teams Voice! These new services, along with the rest of Yorktel’s offerings will […]


Our OBTP Capabilities with Microsoft Teams

Check out the video below to learn more about Yorktel’s Gateway and One Button to Push capabilities with Microsoft Teams!  

Is Your Network Ready to Migrate to MS Teams? | A Yorktel Webinar

The journey to digital workplace transformation requires physical workplace transformation as well.  How so? Join Vishal Brown, SVP, Enterprise Product Management of Yorktel to discuss the topic: “Migrating to Microsoft […]

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Migrating from Skype to Teams? Follow the (Road) Map

As you’ve probably heard, Microsoft is phasing out Skype for Business and introducing Microsoft Teams, a central hub for teamwork bringing together chat, meetings, calling, collaboration, app integration, and file […]

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