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Meeting Scheduling for Jugglers

Whether working at home and/or in the office, juggling meetings and desk work can be a challenge, even more so if you are a hybrid worker. Fortunately, a disciplined approach to meeting scheduling can help make sure all the details are in place, freeing up you and the team for the brainstorm that will earn […]

Road Rules for the Webcam Life

Some may seem obvious, others not so much, but by following a few road rules, you can help yourself and your career navigate the videoconference highway with class and substance. Dress appropriately Groom and dress as if you were going to the office or another worksite, whether you are or not. When you look good, […]

Secure Collaboration for the Anywhere Workplace

You may not know where each of your employees will rest their head tonight, when they will next log in, or even exactly what they are working on, but, whenever someone uses their identity to access corporate resources, you must be confident of who they are. The June 2022 issue of Collaboration Today and Tomorrow […]

The Digital Workplace: An Introduction

The digital workplace — with its combination of remote and in-person collaborators who need to communicate effectively — is here to stay. The pandemic accelerated the digital workplace trend, increasing the number of remote and hybrid employees and expanding video conferencing platforms. But this transition to the digital workplace is not without its frictions. For […]

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