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Virtual Event Seminar

Virtual Event Production Part 2: The Benefits Outsourcing to the Experts

In the world of virtual events, behind-the-scenes technical execution involves many moving parts that need expert orchestration. Ensuring a virtual event flows smoothly and effectively showcases your brand online, which […]

Virtual Live Event

Virtual Event Production Part 1: The Benefits of Outsourcing to the Experts

Many businesses have found out the hard way over the past few years that virtual event production – the planning, managing, executing and follow up, all take a lot more […]

Is Contact-Less IT in Your Future?

For many organizations, managing devices remotely has long been a practice, but in today’s world relying on contact-less or remote capabilities is essential.   The organizations that have implemented remote practices […]

Work from Home Resources

Work from Home Resources

Thanks to the current climate, many companies are taking a “necessity is the mother of invention” approach to creating a telework program – and doing it fast. As a result, […]

Work from Home enterprise collaboration for the remote workforce

Will COVID-19 be the Tipping Point for Technology over Travel?

Originally authored in early March, Ken Scaturro anticipates the surge of Work from Home technologies in this April 2020 Sound & Communications feature article. As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues […]

Working remotely

Adaptability is Key to Weathering the Coronavirus Storm

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to dominate the news. The global impact is immeasurable, with no discrimination between market segments or customer profiles – everyone is affected in some way, large […]

Teams collaborating remotely

Top 5 Telecommuting Tips to Stay Productive and Safe from Coronavirus

Concerns over coronavirus, or COVID-19, have spread to global proportions. The Federal government has imposed travel restrictions, as have many large corporations, and countries are closing borders worldwide to slow the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Here is […]


Millennials – Here Today, Here to Stay, Working from Away

These days, it’s hard to not talk about Millennials when trying to understand how the workplace is evolving. Everyone has their own idea of what this demographic represents, but the […]


Back to School

September, the beginning of a new school year – which for some of us will mean nothing more than the traffic getting worse again or that it’s the start of […]

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