Many businesses have found out the hard way over the past few years that virtual event production – the planning, managing, executing and follow up, all take a lot more than sitting presenters in front of their webcams and having them lead the audience through a slide deck. This is especially true as the world emerges from pandemic isolation when many professionals have experienced some of the most engaging virtual corporate events of their career, and also many they’d likely rather forget. 

As a business executive or event marketer, when planning to host an audience, of whatever size, comprising of your clients, prospects, partners, or employees, you should consider the benefits of outsourcing your virtual event. With the planning, delivery, and any post-event activities taken care of, you can focus on creating valuable content to inform, educate and inspire your audience. 

A virtual event production company can ensure your event represents your brand or organization in the most polished and professional way possible. All while ensuring your event generates the awareness, interest and motivation you need to make your event a memorable success. 

Here are some of the top reasons bringing virtual event experts into your team can ensure your event will generate the best possible engagement. 

1. Preparation, Practice, Price, Promotion, Place and Pre-Production

All marketers know the “4 P’s,” right? Product, place, promotion and price. There are many P-words associated with all of the elements required to host a virtual event. 

There are many considerations for virtual event preparation. How long will the event last? Should speakers join from multiple locations or a shared or common stage location? How do you go about branding virtual events? How can your company showcase your brand in ways that will resonate with your audience? Should the event be held in your company’s offices, a multimedia studio, or in some other setting? Should a professional, outside hosting talent be contracted to moderate the event? These are decisions a virtual event production service provider can help you answer and follow through on. 

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You have to choose the best speakers for your event, and they must rehearse their content to ensure their delivery is on point. Your company needs to determine if your virtual event should have a pricing structure for optimal registrations or if attendance should be free for part or all of your audience. A virtual event consultant can help you create high-level storyboards to ensure the right pacing and flow for the event (including breaks) to keep the audience interested and attentive. 

Virtual event experts understand how pre-event jitters can set in at the best of times and understand what it takes to make people look and sound as confident and poised as possible, even when they are new to the experience. 

2. Specialized Event Types Require Tailored Approaches and Delivery Styles 

Having managed hundreds of professional virtual events of many types through various planning, execution, and post-event wrap-up stages, it’s clear that one single strategy doesn’t ensure success. Here are just a handful of the types of virtual events you may have or should have on your agenda:

  • New product launches
  • Conferences, expos, and summits
  • Press or special interest group communication briefings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • C-level townhalls for employees
  • Meetups for users, influencers, or strategic partners 
  • Online career fairs and onboarding sessions
  • Virtual education fairs or training showcases

A virtual event expert can help a business with every aspect of these various event types, from planning the event agenda to ensuring production quality is as close to television-production style as possible and enabling audience interaction with speakers. Small details like lighting, the colors and patterns of a presenter’s clothes, or how they are framed on a viewer’s screen can make a big difference to attendees. 

By entrusting your event management to professionals who understand virtual event best practices, you will demonstrate to your attendees that your company values their time. You want to ensure the best possible experience, including visual, audio, and emotional aspects. 

3. Selecting and Acquiring the Right Event Technology

Some event platforms are better suited to one-to-many webinar-style virtual events, whereas highly interactive community-style events are often better served by other applications. A virtual event production company will guide you on technology -which virtual event platforms, cameras, microphones, social media channels, and other digital devices and channels are best suited to the experience you want to deliver to your audience. 

Not all of your event content needs to take place live. A virtual event management company can help with the shooting, editing, and queuing of live and animated videos such as testimonials, product presentations, or explainer content which can add value to your event. Ensuring a seamless flow of live and recorded content with smooth handoffs and transitions can ensure your company is seen as competent, professional, and worth investing in. This is also true of event recordings available after the event, as on-demand content, which your virtual event management partner should also facilitate. 

Whatever industry your organization specializes in —  from healthcare, public safety, high tech, or financial services — Yorktel’s virtual event production team can provide a wide spectrum of services to ensure you meet the goals you’ve set for your event. Contact us to discuss your unique virtual corporate event requirements.