For many organizations, managing devices remotely has long been a practice, but in today’s world relying on contact-less or remote capabilities is essential.   The organizations that have implemented remote practices of IT were well positioned for the “Work from Home” environment.  Organizations that did not have “Zero Touch IT” enabled have felt the pain or anxiety related to not being able to get hands on client machines or ensure they are on the organizations network.

In the past, there have been many reasons for not enabling “Remote IT”, including:

  • Costs associated with tool acquisition
  • Time associated with set up
  • Complexity associated with a new management tool

While these reasons are historically valid, today many IT departments are unaware of the full stack of desktop management and security tools they already own that would enable an excellent remote IT experience.   The Microsoft M365 license offering provides all the essential tools for Contactless IT and support for the challenging environments we find ourselves in today.

Being unaware of the capabilities already at their fingertips, many either use 3rd party tools for remote management at an additional cost or refrain from deploying any tools and require direct contact with a device for service.    The combination of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (Identify Provider, Rights Administration and InTune) along with AutoPilot offer a comprehensive Contact-less IT solution that is both industry leading and available under every organizations existing Microsoft 365 licenses.

At Yorktel we have helped numerous customers leverage their existing Microsoft licensing to unlock additional value, reduce unnecessary spend on redundant third-party tools and provide a truly remote IT experience for user devices.

If you have interest in making your organization more secure, reducing the cost of your IT tools or just ensuring a more “contact-less” remote IT solution, Yorktel can help you unlock this powerful Microsoft capability. Your organization will realize a better ROI on their license investment, likely saving money, time and ongoing management overhead.   Our team of highly qualified Microsoft Security, Identity and Desktop Management Professionals stand by to provide you a free initial assessment and deliver a clear project plan to go from traditional to modern Desktop Management in a single SOW.