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Leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop for a Simple Post Acquisition Integration

Post acquisition integration can be complex and filled with challenges. Consolidating data and networks, unifying communication, and optimizing workflows all require strategic planning and phased integration. Many of these challenges […]

Proven Best Practices for Post-Merger IT Consolidation

There were more than 50,000 mergers and acquisition deals worldwide in 2022. While some will go smoothly and create highly-profitable companies, history tells us that between 70% and 90% of […]

The Ultimate M&A IT Integration Checklist to Ensure a Smooth Transition for Everyone

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are typically disruptive even with the best planning and preparation. Bringing a new company into your IT system and infrastructure, merging processes, or adopting a new […]

M&A IT Integration and the Benefits of Consolidated IT Environments

Mergers and acquisitions can unlock significant synergies to reduce costs and streamline operations. Realizing these benefits requires meticulous planning and execution. How you manage the migration and consolidation of data, […]

Simplify Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) IT Integration with Azure Virtual Desktop

Simplify Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) IT Integration with Azure Virtual Desktop One of the biggest challenges in mergers and acquisitions is the complex task of combining multiple IT environments. Managing […]

5 Factors to Look for in an AV Managed Services Provider

The modern workforce has transformed rapidly in the last few years, with remote employment and virtual meetings commonplace throughout the business world. It’s all made possible by advances in technology […]

5 Reasons Why SBC as a Service is Vital for Modern Businesses

Modern-day workplaces need efficient communication technologies while also ensuring the security and reliability of these channels.  While cloud-based Unified Communications and VoIP solutions offer collaboration and productivity, it is still […]

CIO Coverage Names Yorktel in the Top 10 Leading Microsoft Partners to Watch in 2023

Incorporating four decades of collaboration experience, along with knowledge of the entire Microsoft cloud ecosystem, Yorktel’s holistic approach to collaboration solutions and services has allowed it to climb to the […]

Improving Voice Communications For Effective Collaboration

Conversations through email, project management applications and collaboration rooms can work effectively for remote and hybrid teams. Yet, there are many scenarios where real-time discussions are required to ensure a […]

Signs It’s Time to Consider Microsoft Teams Consulting

When Microsoft Teams is effectively deployed, secured, and strategically integrated within an organization’s business application ecosystem, it can increase employee productivity, engagement, and efficiency. On the other hand, if a […]

Advantages of Using a Managed Collaboration Service Provider for Your Enterprise Voice Solution

Effective collaboration is a key element of the modern day workplace and one that demands unwavering communication capabilities. But the modern day workplace is more physically fragmented than ever, with […]

What is Enterprise Collaboration and Why Your Organization Needs Systems and Solutions

Effective collaboration that creates purposeful connections among business users to work towards goals or solve problems by harnessing the power of varied skill sets, strengths, and perspectives, has been a […]

How to Develop an IT Asset Management Framework

IT asset management is an essential practice for modern businesses. By strategically organizing finances, resources, and human capital, organizations can control costs and mitigate waste.  For optimized solutions, business leaders […]

What Are Microsoft Consulting Services? The Different Types and How to Figure Out Which Ones You Need

Microsoft applications and services are world-renowned for their ease of use, development, and customization. They have earned the respect of business application developers, users, and managers because they effectively optimize […]

The Microsoft Modern Workplace Transformation: What Is It and Why Do You Need It?

At a time when your business users expect workplace flexibility (working from anywhere), the blend of technologies your organization relies on to create a digitized, modern workplace is more crucial […]

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan For Your Organization

The modern office is digital, collaborative, and location agnostic. Business users can choose where they work and their working hours. However, regardless of their location, your enterprise teams demand full, […]

Why Continuity Monitoring Is Critically Important for Your Enterprise

As our digitally connected society has grown, our reliance on technology has become greater & greater. Our businesses have also suffered a similar fate, especially in the last 5 years […]

Microsoft Teams Voice Plans: Which One is Right For Your Enterprise?

When it comes to internal & external business communications, many organizations have switched over to tools like Microsoft Teams to help streamline collaboration and increase productivity. However, while the basic […]

The Ultimate Guide To Crafting An Enterprise Monitoring Strategy

Hybrid working is now a standard part of many organizations’ operations making their IT estate more complex than perhaps ever before. But while all these new technologies are driving efficiency […]

5 Qualities the Best Managed Service Providers Have in Common

Many companies rely on IT managed service providers (MSPs) to manage their hardware, software, and cloud services. The MSP worthy of your business should be prepared to support your business […]

What are the Types of Managed Services You Need For Your Organization?

There are several types of managed services solutions available in today’s complex IT landscape. To decide which service is best for your business, you should be familiar with what’s available […]

Managed Services Provider vs Cloud Service Provider: Everything You Need to Know

In the age of the cloud, software as a service (SaaS), and distributed workforces, managing your organization’s technology ecosystem can consume a lot of your resources — namely time, finances, […]

What to Look For in a Managed Service Provider: The 6 Questions You Need to Ask

Whether your enterprise is seeking a managed service provider (MSP) for the first time or you’re in the midst of an audit of your current partner and the benefits they […]

Zero Trust Access Management: All You Need To Know

When it comes to network security, the term “Zero Trust” is becoming more and more prevalent. With hybrid working now here to stay, getting network security right is more challenging […]

Why Your Organization Needs A Managed IT Help Desk Provider

As your organization inevitably continues to move to a more hybrid way of working, its business users need the reassurance that their IT help desk support needs are always taken […]

The Benefits of Managed IT Services

Today’s hybrid workforce, which sees business users splitting their time between working remotely and at an office, means an organization’s IT infrastructure is firmly under the spotlight. Systems, applications, and […]

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IT Asset Management Best Practices

What is IT Asset Management? IT Asset Management (ITAM) is the ongoing task of recording, evaluating, maintaining, and disposing of the IT assets of an organization. The purpose is to […]

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The 4 Benefits to Look For in Managed Monitoring Services for Unified Comms and IT

Throughout the history of technology, it has always been crucial to ensure that the applications managing structured and unstructured data are consistently available, secure, and performing at their full potential. […]

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Why is Enterprise IT Monitoring Important for Your Hybrid Workplace?

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, most organizations realized they had to facilitate remote working and do so overnight. In response, numerous infrastructure changes and new solutions were rolled out, many […]

What is Unified Communications As A Service (UCaaS)?

With hybrid working now a core aspect of many organizations, effective communication and collaboration have never been more important. However, ensuring communications remain seamless and reliable when a workforce is […]

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What is Device As A Service (DaaS)?

Device as a Service (DaaS) has become extremely popular among organizations today because of the many benefits the approach affords them.  If you’re not fully aware of the DaaS concept, understanding […]

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How an Enterprise Collaboration Strategy Can Revitalize Your Workplace Environment

What is an enterprise collaboration strategy? Enterprise collaboration refers to the various ways in which an organization gathers and shares information amongst employees and partners. Beyond simpley email and phone […]

Choosing the Right Digital Transformation Software for Your Organization

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly accelerated the pace of digital transformation. Initiatives for leveraging technologies to institute change are in full flow. There is one question […]

Are Managed IT Support Services A Thing of the Past?

Today’s organizations – whether based in pharmaceuticals, education, government, healthcare or other sector – are united by their common need for Managed IT Support Services. The ongoing global disruption and […]

Is Contact-Less IT in Your Future?

For many organizations, managing devices remotely has long been a practice, but in today’s world relying on contact-less or remote capabilities is essential.   The organizations that have implemented remote practices […]

How the Cloud Makes Enterprise Architecture Strategic

How the Cloud Makes Enterprise Architecture Strategic

In my previous post, I talked about some takeaways from a recent Gartner conference on Enterprise Architecture. The main idea is that an Enterprise Architecture approach can make IT more […]

Are You Thinking Strategically About IT?

Are You Thinking Strategically About IT?

Having recently attended Gartner’s Enterprise Architecture Summit, I came away with strong validation about some of the IT challenges we hear about regularly from our customers. Businesses both large and […]

Common Pitfalls When Considering Managed Services

Common Pitfalls When Considering Managed Services

What may be considered the “traditional” workforce has changed immensely and rapidly over the past few years with more and more employees working remotely.   Coupled with the increasing demand to […]

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