As our digitally connected society has grown, our reliance on technology has become greater & greater. Our businesses have also suffered a similar fate, especially in the last 5 years with the increase in hybrid work. This has resulted in your enterprise’s operations depending on every component in your tech stack to be  continually running smoothly and seamlessly to enable communication & functionality. 

The landscape has become so complex though, that it’s possible for a single business to deploy hundreds, if not thousands, of differing endpoints and configurations to its employees, often from competing manufacturers, running different software.

Add this to the fact that many businesses now need to operate in a hybrid work environment with some employees fully remote & others choosing to embrace a mix of both in-office & work-from-home strategies. The result of these circumstances has become problematic for IT teams.

Not only does your IT department need to keep all those disparate endpoints up and running, but they also need to ensure your network has the maximum amount of uptime. It seems like an overwhelming task. That is why having enterprise monitoring services, is paramount for any business in today’s modern workplace.

What Is an Enterprise Monitoring Strategy?

An enterprise monitoring strategy is the development of a plan that will allow for the observation & measurement of the performance of an entire enterprise IT structure. One of the key ways to do this is to establish key performance indicators at critical points throughout your infrastructure to help identify current and future issues. These enterprise monitoring tools help ensure your IT assets remain secure, compliant and fully operational. 

Since your IT landscape is also likely composed of many different endpoints all potentially speaking many different “languages”, you need a monitoring solution, fluent in any OS, to really perform the following key monitoring functions: 

  • Monitor overall device health
  • Develop KPIs based on observed patterns
  • Issue notifications, alerts or develop tickets
  • Assign or auto adjust issue priority
  • Make intelligent & potentially proactive suggestions

Comprehensive enterprise monitoring solutions are concerned not just with data but with events. The best IT monitoring tools offer coverage over every last one of your organization’s mission-critical devices as well as its root IT infrastructure. 

In other words, an effective enterprise monitoring strategy covers every aspect of your tech stack and has a solution ready to offer before a problem becomes systemic. A prime example of an issue to be averted would be losing video conferencing right before — or in the middle of — a key meeting. Your business lives and breathes through the quality and dependability of its IT infrastructure.

Unified Monitoring for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms & More

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The Benefits of Enterprise Monitoring and Why You Need It

Clearly enterprise continuity monitoring is a very effective service to have but let’s discuss what some of the key components are:

Continual Automated Device Alerting and Health Monitoring

We constantly monitor and check each and every device on your business network for its overall health (e.g., malware, viruses, and network failures), and any relevant alerts are escalated appropriately.

Automated Notification, Ticket Creation, and Priority Designation

Our monitoring software is highly advanced. Yorktel’s IT monitoring tools not only notify your IT department of any problem, but they also submit any relevant ticket(s) automatically, and each issue is automatically assigned a priority. 

Our Continuity Monitoring Insights Are Proactive

Imagine what your enterprise’s IT environment would be like if problems were prevented from happening rather than being solved after they occur. 

Secure Remote Access

Through VPN and terminal access, your team located anywhere in the world can see, at a glance, the overall health of your environment, network, workstations, and more.

What Different Areas Require Monitoring?

When looking for enterprise monitoring software or services, here are the things that you’ll want to be able to keep tabs on:

  • Device performance
  • Multiple platforms
  • Inventory management
  • Asset management
  • Key performance indicators
  • Lifecycle tracking and insights

One of the critical points to any Enterprise Continuity Monitoring Service is privacy, specifically when talking about what users are doing on these devices. Monitoring services  monitor the IT environment & NOT the users who are leveraging it. Our solution ensures effective communication by monitoring the framework that supports your business, not monitoring the business. 

What Features and Functionality Are Best?

If you need to create a monitoring strategy for an interconnected platform, there are a few features that will either make it or break it. The first is user-friendliness. One thing that is a must that we don’t always see is a consolidated real-time dashboard – a single pane of glass – that not only shows your team everything they need to see in real-time, but it’s also intuitive to use. 

The second thing you’ll need is 24/7/365 uptime and access. No one wants to be left without support during a critical time or outage.

The third thing you’ll need is a dedicated team of actual people. That’s typically where we see SaaS offerings fall short, although monitoring SaaS apps makes sense, it’s the people behind those applications that are so critical.

What Are the Qualities of a Successful Enterprise Monitoring Strategy?

Your enterprise monitoring can only be as successful as the team of experts you have dedicated to the task. It’s a complex world out there, and it’s not getting any simpler. 

You need experts you can trust, people who know what they’re doing because they’ve built their enterprise monitoring systems from the ground up. That’s Yorktel. Schedule a discovery call today and learn how our monitoring solutions can ensure your business continuity.