Without Comprehensive Management, You’re Left Vulnerable.

Resources Needed Exceed In-House Capabilities

The mix of technologies demands a diverse range of skills, which to be managed all in-house is untenable.

Lack of Visibility & Control

Without asset, inventory and lifecycle management, along with reports and reviews, you will lack vital visibility and control.

Security & Compliance Failures

Unmanaged collaboration estates leave your organization at risk of non-compliance and security breaches.

No Pain, All Gain.

Let Yorktel shoulder the burden of managing your collaboration estate.

Comprehensive multi-vendor expertise enabling full end-to-end collaboration management.

  • Global team of skilled resources to manage all collaborative technologies and solutions.
  • Nearly 4 decades of experience as a Managed Services Partner.
  • Vast holistic experience with and direct access to all leading vendors, backed up with top level certifications.

The End-to-End Collaboration Management Your Organization Needs.

Zero Trust Security, ensuring full Compliancy
Device and Service Performance
Inventory and Asset Management
Actionable Business Insights
Holistic Lifecycle Management

Lack of visibility, control, accuracy and compliance will be just the beginning of the problems with an unmanaged estate.

Without comprehensive device and service management, you and your organization are left vulnerable.

Your Collaboration Management, in our safe, capable hands.

Follow These Simple Steps to Success


Contact us to speak with a specialist to undertake an initial audit and determine your management requirements.


Our experts will create and implement the best remote access management approach to meet your needs.


Full onboarding to our management platform completed, regular service reviews will give you full visibility of device and service performance.