Lack of comprehensive IT monitoring services can leave issues undetected.

Complex Solutions

Monitoring complex solutions requires specialized, dedicated expertise to achieve meaningful insights.

Multiple Platforms

Multiple vendors means multiple platforms, each requiring specific subject matter experts to get the most out of monitoring.

Late Discovery of Issues

Without proactive enterprise monitoring, issues are often discovered once they’ve already impacted your business.

Let us be your eyes and ears.

No more guesswork with Managed IT Monitoring Services.

  • More data points and analytics metrics available than from individual manufacturer’s portals.
  • View the health of all of your monitored assets through your consolidated real-time dashboard.
  • Single point of contact for all monitored devices.

Give your employees the best experience.

Actionable Insights
24x7x365 Monitoring
Consistent Global Experience
Automated Proactive Notifications

Continuity IT Monitoring Services

The team at Yorktel will work with you to develop a cohesive enterprise monitoring strategy for your entire IT estate.

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Covered Services:Monitoring
Service Level Guarantee
24x7x365 Automated Device Health Monitoring
24x7x365 Automated Device Alerting
Automated Notification, Auto-Ticket Creation & Auto Priority Designation
Continuity Monitoring Insights (Proactive)
Secure Remote Access Package (VPN & Terminal Access)

Additional T&M Services:

Advanced Analytics

Custom dashboards, employing predictive and prescriptive modelling, risk management and optimized decision-making techniques to provide analysis, insights and recommendations for actions and/or explain the business impact for devices being monitored.

Undetected IT issues are likely to result in downtime and reduced productivity.

Only discovering an issue once users are unable to have a successful meeting is too late. This causes a negative impact on your business and results in employees having reduced confidence in your IT solutions. Our managed IT monitoring services help your teams avoid these situations.

Ready for real time managed IT monitoring? Here’s how Yorktel can help:

Follow These Simple Steps to Success

1 | Schedule A Call

Contact us to speak with a managed monitoring services specialist and review coverage options.

2 | Survey Your Environment

Our experts capture all of the details, either remotely or in person, to enable monitoring to get underway.

3 | Get Onboarded & Enjoy

Breathe a sigh of relief and stay focused on your core business.

Reduced Issues

Our experts capture all of the details, either remotely or in person to enable monitoring to get underway. Breathe a sigh of relief and stay focused on your core business.