Modern-day workplaces need efficient communication technologies while also ensuring the security and reliability of these channels. 

While cloud-based Unified Communications and VoIP solutions offer collaboration and productivity, it is still important to secure your communication channels from cyberattacks and ensure confidentiality. Therefore, businesses need to establish secure and reliable communications systems to prevent data breaches and cyber threats. 

SBC, or Session Border Controller, is a solution that can help enterprises secure their communication channels. It can offer more control over VoIP infrastructure and restrict unwanted intrusions.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about SBC as a service, and why it is essential for your modern business communication requirements.

What is SBC as a service?

SBCaaS is a cloud-based solution that provides organizations with the benefits of a Session Border Controller, but without the need for dedicated hardware or infrastructure. An excellent feature is that it’s a subscription-based service which gives organizations like yours the ability to deploy SBC functionality on a virtual platform, reducing your CapEx requirements.

With SBCaaS, companies can also reap the benefits of secure, high-quality VoIP communication while also reducing the complexity and costs often tied to managing on-premise SBCs. Providers offer scalable & flexible solutions that can adapt to the evolving needs of your enterprise, giving you the required capacity and bandwidth.

Advanced security features such as encryption, authentication & firewalling are all available with SBCaaS, enabling you to protect your critical communication sessions from threats. It also provides interconnection with multiple carriers which gives organizations access to global communication networks easily. You can rest assured knowing that you’re meeting compliance and regulatory standards without compromising overall communication capabilities.

If you are still not sure how SBC as a Service can benefit your business, here are five reasons that dive a bit deeper into why SBCaaS is vital in today’s workplace. 

Reason 1: Ensure Network Security

A 2021 survey found that cybercriminals can breach an organization’s network and access its local network resources in 93% of the cases. Thus, enterprise communication channels are also vulnerable to cyberattacks. 

In the case of VoIP-based services, the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is typically a common target. SIP attacks impact business performance and revenue as they disrupt operations. SBC as a Service can help your business with secure SIP sessions and detect any anomalies or uncovered attacks.

Reason 2: Manage Network Traffic

Business communications are dependent on multiple networks, channels, and devices. Therefore, managing the network traffic and checking all the connections is often challenging. Besides, different sessions demand a different level of scalability. 

Managed SBC solutions can help with intelligent call routing, ensuring that all sessions are delivered through the optimal route. They can also check the originating and destination IP address along with other factors to allow only authorized traffic. 

Reason 3: Follow Regulatory Compliance

Secure business communications need interworking protocols to mediate between different devices. This means it is necessary to stick to industry standards and follow regulatory compliance to safeguard the communication infrastructure. 

SBC ensures compliance with safety protocol and encrypts the session to prevent interception. It also helps with SIP normalization to ensure proper communication of signaling instructions.

Reason 4: Enhance the Quality of Service

SBCs help enhance your Quality of Service (QoS) with their significant routing capabilities. They are also capable of media transcoding that can translate between different codecs, ensuring the interoperability of VoIP devices. SBC solutions also come with a massive session capacity for enhanced network optimization. 

Reason 5: Reduce Costs

SBC as a Service usually follows a usage-based pricing model. Service providers offer different packages that include different functionalities. You can choose the package that suits you best based on your business requirements. 

This can save tremendous costs as you get access to a comprehensive suite of technical, management, and update support without investing in a dedicated Session Board Controller.  

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Modernize Your Organization’s Communications and Invest in SBC as a Service

With the growing number of cyber threats and malware attacks, it has become more critical than ever for businesses to pay attention to security. Communication channels are no exception. Any information leak through these channels can cost an organization significantly, affecting reputation, revenue, and productivity.

Businesses must ensure that these channels are protected from threat actors. While SBC provides an added security layer to all multimedia communication channels, it is a costly investment. However, businesses that are on a budget and yet want to integrate this solution into their communication channels can leverage SBC as a Service.

This on-demand, software-based service allows you to take advantage of SBC without investing in expensive infrastructure and maintenance.

Yorktel offers SBC solutions that protect your enterprise communication infrastructure with all the essential tools and technology. You get a secure, flexible, and resilient communication system and need not worry about management complexities.

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