Simplify Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) IT Integration with Azure Virtual Desktop

One of the biggest challenges in mergers and acquisitions is the complex task of combining multiple IT environments. Managing user accounts, access permissions, and system configurations across two separate platforms can significantly strain already-fragmented resources, making IT consolidation a crucial endeavor.

However, with the help of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop, organizations can more easily consolidate their IT systems “over the top,” with minimal disruption.

  • The use of AVD  for M&A IT Integration is easily enabled by organizations’ existing eligible Microsoft 365 or Windows per-user licenses, that likely, already exist at the time a deal is struck.

From management’s point of view, AVD’s provision of stable access to core applications for in-house FTEs, contractors, vendors, and other constituents helps facilitate business continuity and provides a foundation for continued growth.

  • From the IT perspective, the advantages for AVD’s for IT system consolidation include integration speed, flexibility, scalability, security, and low incremental cost.

Rapid but secure IT consolidation

In a stressful time for users, as the only virtual solution that is fully optimized for Windows 11 and Microsoft 365, Azure Virtual Desktop ensures that users across the consolidated organization can retain familiar experiences, whether accessing Outlook email, creating content, or collaborating on Teams.

Mergers and acquisitions IT integration is made easier as user accounts, access controls, and system configurations are all quickly integrated into IT infrastructure and systems, leaving more time to consider whether to standardize or defer other business application licenses.

  • Organizations can swiftly ramp up their operations and reduce downtime by utilizing AVD since it allows them to do away with redundant license fees and maintenance expenditures.

From Day 1 of IT M&A integration setup, all applications and data hosted through AVD remains secure and compliant, with an easily-configured rules-based security framework that can proactively detect threats, such as suspicious login or file access attempts, and immediately act to protect data and other content assets.

Agnostic application access

AVD’s ability to host and access applications through a centralized platform, regardless of the device or underlying operating system, is one of its main advantages. Authorized, authenticated users can conveniently access their applications and data from any location that has an Internet connection. Additionally, IT teams can update and deploy updates and new applications quickly, cutting maintenance costs while ensuring faster, more synchronous rollouts to the entire workforce.

Cost efficiency

Organizations can cut expenses by consolidating desktop infrastructure and optimizing resource utilization using a pay-as-you-go strategy and right-sizing virtual machines (VMs). Unused VMs can be reactivated as new employees join, or further deals are made.

Meanwhile, newly-consolidated entities can concentrate on their core business operations without worrying about new hardware purchases and upkeep. In addition, employees that are geographically remote from the new HQ or were based from sites that have been made redundant, can continue to work from their present locations while still subject to all the latest security safeguards and policies of the newly-formed organization.

Build a foundation for growth with Azure Virtual Desktop for M&A IT integration

Most often, M&A is undertaken with the expectation that economies of scale and complementary offerings will drive expansion, market share, and/or new product commercialization.

  • Leveraging knowledgeable enterprise Azure Virtual Desktop providers (such as Yorktel) during the M&A IT integration process can help ensure the new entity’s ability to achieve the sought-after results within an optimal timeline and integration budget.

As always, the tools are not ends in themselves, and the best-laid plans often fall victim to market forces not in play when the deal was structured. However, as a foundation for the transactions, communication and collaboration that modern consolidated organizations require, AVD is an excellent starting point. Schedule a meeting with an Azure Virtual Desktop Specialist, today.