Yorktel-Pitfalls-Blog What may be considered the “traditional” workforce has changed immensely and rapidly over the past few years with more and more employees working remotely.   Coupled with the increasing demand to deliver services through the cloud and with so many Service Providers trying to differentiate their offerings beyond traditional Internet, cable, and voice, it’s no wonder that oftentimes they jump to market too quickly, and fall into some common traps.  While being quick-to-market is important, it’s even more important to know the offering is being done right.

To succeed in launching managed services, Service Providers need to be aware of the common pitfalls, as we have witnessed all too many times.  For instance, deciding whether or not to build the necessary technology in-house or to white label it, can set the path for failure….or – success.

When entering a new market, many companies make the mistake of trying to build a solution in-house.  This is especially tempting when you are dealing with solutions that are built around technologies that exist solely to make business easier, faster, and cheaper.  The cloud itself is making business collaboration, document sharing, IT management, and data protection easier, but the underlying technology powering these solutions has not gotten any simpler.  Developing new solutions and technologies internally involves a great deal of complexity, as well as finding and hiring the right people with the necessary expertise.

In addition to needing new hires, the cost associated with building in-house solutions can be exorbitant.  The capital expenditure required to develop, test, support, and deliver managed services is significant, even for companies that already have expertise in the field.  Talent acquisition alone adds to the time to market.

It may not be a question of whether or not you can build it in-house; it may be more of a question of should you?

This is just one of the possible pitfalls that we uncover in our full guide – Pitfalls when Considering Managed Services.  To learn more, download your complimentary copy today.