When Microsoft Teams is effectively deployed, secured, and strategically integrated within an organization’s business application ecosystem, it can increase employee productivity, engagement, and efficiency. On the other hand, if a business simply rolls out Teams and emails user credentials without clear communications, strategy, or planning, that company will likely fail to realize its return on investment (ROI) goals. 

Is your business transitioning to Microsoft Teams from another collaboration platform? Did you deploy Teams quickly during the pandemic as a stop gap but it’s never effectively been integrated or leveraged? In either case, a Microsoft Teams consulting partnership can help your business avoid missteps and leverage the shortcuts which are only discovered through experience. If you are building a business case for digital workplace consulting or you have decided you need a Microsoft Teams expert and want to contract the right firm, read on… 

Reluctance to Adopt New Technology

Some Microsoft 365 projects fail because employees don’t know why they need to change their working behavior. They may not fully understand how applications like Microsoft Teams can help them communicate via instant messaging, video, and voice while working remotely to the same degree that a Microsoft consultant does. Enterprise consulting services for Microsoft Teams can run users and groups through value engineering workshops that identify the best use cases, plugins, integrations, and configurations to tailor the platform to their needs. 

Inspiring users to adopt new technology often requires more than good training, expert deployment, and setup. Microsoft Teams consulting can help executives and middle management show their commitment to Teams as an enabler of flexible workplace culture that supports intra-departmental collaboration while also providing the ability to monitor usage across various stakeholders.

Hard-to-Find KPIs

Microsoft Teams KPIs include technology-performance statistics like conversation lags due to packet loss. Then there are user adoption-related metrics like how many messages are posted to Teams discussion groups over a defined time period. 

With the right integrations like Microsoft 365 financial and sales applications, organizations can calculate how much money they have saved on business travel vs long-distance calls since they adopted Microsoft Teams. Knowing how many users are hosting partner meetings on Teams compared to other applications can be especially helpful for companies that leverage multiple platforms for specialized reasons and need unified monitoring.

Conversation intelligence is another great opportunity to identify how frontline sales or customer care representatives interact with your business partners. If one salesperson is performing head and shoulders above their peers by using Teams, they may have unique interaction approaches that their colleagues should emulate. A Microsoft consultant can help you extract significant value from these key metrics so that your top performers can continue to achieve on their OKRs (Objectives & Key Results).

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Ongoing IT Issues

Suppose your business needs help supporting remote and office-based employees. In that case, Microsoft Teams consulting can help identify services like managed continuity that can ensure your users have sufficient bandwidth to support meetings. Other IT challenges may be the result of unsupported browsers, camera and microphone outages, and users without needed permissions to create or join Teams. 

A Microsoft Teams consultant can advise IT (and user) teams on how to troubleshoot and resolve issues before they derail internal or client-facing meetings, discouraging the adoption of Microsoft Teams as your modern workplace collaboration platform.

All of these problems can be avoided by having the right digital workplace consulting partnership in place.

Inefficiently Executed Projects

Partner with a Microsoft Teams consultant that can help you with the full project lifecycle from initial business analysis to deployment and ongoing monitoring. Some Microsoft Teams projects fail because companies don’t engage in consulting services early enough, or they don’t understand the change management practices required to motivate users to embrace teams as their preferred communications tool.

Organizations often end enterprise consulting services too early and try to take a Teams initiative over the finish line alone. They inevitably fall into the traps that a Microsoft consultant could have identified from experience or can’t apply the best practices which have proven successful in other engagements. 

What to Expect from Microsoft Teams Consulting Services

Digital workplace consulting can include advisory services from a Microsoft expert on how to design, equip, and maintain Microsoft Teams Rooms for hybrid employees. Enabling colleagues and partners to feel connected to their counterparts in your offices can be challenging. Designing, installing, monitoring and maintaining conference room equipment is often more challenging than you’d think:

  • Cameras, 
  • IP conference phones
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Projectors
  • Displays

Microsoft Teams consulting services offer help on designing a Teams-centric communications strategy, including identifying suitable devices, scaling the deployment, and identifying role-based plugins which can help with productivity and engagement. Consultants can also specialize in business analysis. 

A Microsoft Teams consulting firm with audio-visual broadcasting expertise can also help organizations plan, produce and host engaging virtual events for up to 10,000 internal and/or external attendees. Organizations often need assistance from a Microsoft expert with setting up television broadcast-quality events so that the procurement of equipment like cameras, microphones and lighting systems can be as seamless as possible. Implementation requires experience and training, as does background design and in-event graphics like name keys and presentation slides. 

If any of these signs strike a chord with your current workflow, then contact a Microsoft Teams consultant at Yorktel today.