The modern office is digital, collaborative, and location agnostic. Business users can choose where they work and their working hours. However, regardless of their location, your enterprise teams demand full, uninhibited access to your business systems so they can effectively collaborate. This level of access requires the right infrastructure solutions to be in place.

But with your organization’s IT architecture inevitably divided across a hybrid work environment including on-premise, off-site, and the cloud, it can be challenging to facilitate collaborative working as cost-efficiently as possible.

One popular option for modern hybrid workplaces that demand collaboration is Cisco® Webex. However, the Cisco® Webex solution on its own is not enough often times & that’s where a bundle of Webex & other products in Cisco® Collaboration Flex Plan is often the right fit. But with that flexibility comes significant options. Those options can make it very difficult to determine which plan is right for your organization. That’s why we will discuss the different features offered by Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan, to help find the right plan for your enterprise and business users.

What is Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan?

Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan is Cisco’s subscription-based licensing model that offers a flexible way to take advantage of Cisco collaboration suite products and services. With Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan, you can choose the Cisco collaboration products and services that best meet your organization’s needs, and scale up or down as your requirements change. You can also take advantage of the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments, with the flexibility to potentially use all of them under one cost-effective and scalable agreement. 

Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan offers many benefits for enterprise users, including 

  • Flexibility – Many ways to purchase Cisco collaboration products and services
  • Scalability – Move up or down as your business needs change
  • Accessibility –  Cisco’s on-demand support services at your fingertips
  • Predictability – Estimate monthly OpEx expenses with the Flat Fee model
  • Efficiency – The ability to bundle Cisco collaboration products and services together.

As you can clearly see, there is a tremendous amount of planning & forethought that needs to go into determining where to start with the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan. That’s why we also encourage businesses to start by discussing with a Cisco partner where they plan to go to build a true digital transformation plan.

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What Are The Buying Models For Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan?

Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan pricing models are done on a subscription basis, while also providing pricing incentives compared to purchasing Cisco products and services separately.

For ultimate flexibility, Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan enables your organization to select the tools your business users need today and add functionality accordingly going forward. This ensures your enterprise teams have access to all the tools they need when they need them.

There are three different types of models for the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan: Cisco Enterprise Agreement, Active User, and Named User.

Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Cisco Enterprise Agreement provides the best value when you want everyone in your organization to have access to Cisco’s suite of collaboration and productivity tools, including meetings and calling. 

Active User

With Active User, your organization can purchase licenses based on usage. Anyone can use the tools under the plan if the concurrent number of licenses is not exceeded. This option is ideal for when you want the flexibility to take advantage of Cisco tools without making a commitment upfront.

Named User

Similar to the Active User subscription, the Named User option provides Cisco collaboration functionality to named individuals, teams, or departments within your organization. Your subscription is based on the number of people who need calling services, allowing you to grow at your own pace.

Which Applications Can Be Bundled With The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan?

Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan allows your organization to take advantage of Cisco Technology hosted in the cloud, on-premises, or via partner-hosted deployments.

The following services are included: 

  • Cisco BroadCloud
  • Cisco Calling App
  • Cisco Contact Center
  • Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution
  • Cisco Meeting Server
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Cisco Webex services (Meetings & Teams)

In addition, Cisco Software Support Services (SWSS) can also be provided to help resolve any issues should they arise.

Cisco SWSS comes in three different levels:

  • Basic – Included with every Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan, the basic level affords entry-level technical support services.
  • Enhanced – With Enhanced level SWSS, organizations experience faster response times and get direct access to subject matter experts. This level includes adoption services.
  • Premium – For ultimate support, Premium level SWSS provides a designated support manager who understands your individual environment. With Premium, your organization and business users benefit from the shortest response times and highest level of adoption services.

The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan Ordering Guide: Choosing For Your Organization And Needs

Which Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan option is best for your organization really depends on your individual needs and your available budget. That is why engaging a Cisco partner for meaningful planning & conversation is critical to saving time, money & resources before purchasing. However, the biggest benefit is the ability to scale your plan up and down in accordance with your business requirements. This allows you to start off modestly and realize the benefits for yourself, then add more functionality for more users going forward.

As a multi-certified Cisco partner, we’re confident we will be able to help you identify the best Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan option for your organization.

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