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Everything You Need To Develop A Microsoft 365 Implementation Plan For Your Enterprise

If your organization is preparing an enterprise-scale Microsoft 365 implementation or upgrade, the first & most critical step is developing the plan. The struggle many organizations have with developing this, is properly thinking through all correct and possible scenarios for how to implement Office 365. For example, addressing things like: What type of plan do […]

The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan For Your Organization

The modern office is digital, collaborative, and location agnostic. Business users can choose where they work and their working hours. However, regardless of their location, your enterprise teams demand full, uninhibited access to your business systems so they can effectively collaborate. This level of access requires the right infrastructure solutions to be in place. But […]

Giving your Teams a Room

Every Microsoft Office 365 license includes the Teams application at no charge, supporting live and archived “anytime chat,” meetings, presentations, and file sharing – all the ingredients for collaboration on demand. Thus, as offices reopen, many companies are considering or commissioning their first or additional Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs) as a means of further leveraging […]

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