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Zoom Phone: The Seamless Integration of Voice and Video Communication for Your Business

Modern day professionals require modern day communication and collaboration. Fortunately, for organizations, Enterprise Collaboration Solutions combine the voice, video, and productivity tools your business users depend on into a single, easy to access suite. A core part of such solutions is the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. But with so many cloud-based phone […]

ISDN Switch Off Sparks the Move to Cloud Communication

Out with the “old,” and in with the “new.” In the communication world, a transformation is on the horizon – basically, it’s the end of landlines as we know it.  ISDN is a set of standards that controls how data is transmitted via traditional copper lines, making it possible to make phone calls, as well […]

Transform Your Workplace with Zoom Phone

With hybrid working now a core aspect of many organizations’ business practices, facilitating effective collaboration among enterprise users has never been more challenging. Get it wrong and your end users will not only see their productivity impacted, but also their confidence in your implemented solutions. Today, Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions – which provide your […]

Is it Time To Switch to an Enterprise Voice Solution?

With evolving digital technologies and business processes, effective business communication and collaboration have become top priorities for organizations globally. Especially with rising hybrid work scenarios post-pandemic, businesses require a strategic approach to ensure enhanced productivity and performance. Research suggests that effective collaboration and communication are critical aspects of any business, and about 97% of employees […]

Best Practices for Effective Enterprise Collaboration

Are you curious whether innovative and disruptive cloud-based voice solutions can support your enterprise collaboration needs? Communications platforms have advanced considerably over the past several years regarding scalability, security, performance analytics and user experience.  Traditional private branch exchange (PBX) voice networks are too costly and need to be more flexible to support businesses whose employees […]

Here’s How Voice Solutions are Changing the Modern-Day Workplace

As the nature of work has evolved rapidly in recent years, so has the technology of communication. A wide web of different voice services connect businesses and consumers around the world. These integrated voice solutions offer several benefits, including improved efficiency, increased collaboration, and enhanced accessibility. When combined together with the help of a single […]

Advantages of Using a Managed Collaboration Service Provider for Your Enterprise Voice Solution

Effective collaboration is a key element of the modern day workplace and one that demands unwavering communication capabilities. But the modern day workplace is more physically fragmented than ever, with business professionals able to work remotely, at their usual office location, or from any of their organization’s other sites. This reality puts even greater emphasis […]

Take Your Enterprise Remote with a Virtual Phone System

According to results from a survey, a quarter of all professional jobs were hybrid or remote-based by the end of 2022, and that percentage will continue to grow in 2023. In fact, the survey found that about a tenth of high-paying job opportunities are advertised as remote-only. Those surveyed said working remotely was better […]

Microsoft Teams Voice Calling: All You Need To Know

What is Microsoft Teams Voice Calling? Microsoft Teams Voice Calling allows users to make and receive PSTN calls from mobile and desktop devices through Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams Voice is taking the voice communications market by storm as organizations work to become fully Modern Workplaces.  While you can choose to integrate Microsoft Teams Voice within […]

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