Thanks to the current climate, many companies are taking a “necessity is the mother of invention” approach to creating a telework program – and doing it fast. As a result, remote work solutions are up and running. But employees might not have all the support they need.

With that in mind, Yorktel has created a mini-portfolio of Work from Home Resources. These solutions and services are designed to dramatically help your workforce. They’ll make a big impact, without needing a big technology investment to match. And the free download – Top 5 Strategies for Working from Home – is just because we want to offer all the help we can during these difficult times.

Invest Small Now for a Big Future Impact

We understand that you might not have the bandwidth to take on an enterprise-sized technology upgrade right now. Which is why our experts can manage any effort for you – large or small. A relatively small investment of time and thought could make a big difference down the road – especially as we prepare to reopen and return to work.

Whether you’re an enterprise organization with a fully functioning remote workforce or a mid-size business in need of a little support, there’s a resource here for you.

Explore this list of Work from Home Resources

  • Microsoft Teams Training – Virtual Training options to empower your organization with all of Microsoft Teams’ collaborative capabilities. Classes for the Beginner, Power User, Virtual Trainer and IT Administrator.
  • Virtual Meeting Room Webcasting – Turnkey, secure live webcasting service designed for quick implementation and can accommodate thousands of global users. Perfect for your next town-hall-style meeting, webinar, customer presentation or virtual training.
  • Consulting Bundles – A collection of consulting packages designed to set the stage for a successful telecommuting program. Options for virtual training, network health assessments, and work from home execution strategies.
  • IT Manager Work from Home Planning Guide – Guidance for your IT Manager on how to align telework best practices with your current network environment, assess your monitoring & management, and much more.
  • Top 5 Strategies for Working from Home – Best practices, tips and tools to help your telecommuters. Stay focused and productive while Working from Home with this free downloadable PDF.

We are adding to this mini-portfolio each week. Check back often to see how we can help your remote workforce be more productive and efficient.

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Let’s Reimagine Collaboration, together.

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