There are many reasons why Zoom has been so successful in the highly competitive, ever-changing realm of mobile and unified communications and collaboration. It is easy to use. They offer affordable, flexible rate plans, and their high-definition audio and video are stable and reliable. 

Organizations that are looking for a proven, cost-effective voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) service should consider Zoom Phone for their voice-calling needs. You and your colleagues may have used Zoom web conferencing dozens of times, especially over the pandemic. You may already know about some of the critical benefits of Zoom as a communications platform, but you will likely find some below which will surprise you. 

Modern Communication for Hybrid Workplaces

According to a Forbes Future of Work article, 58% of knowledge workers were working from home at least one day a week as 2022 drew to a close. 38% are not required to be in the office at all. Many predict hybrid and remote working will be so commonplace in 2023 that we’ll mostly drop hybrid from these discussions. 

Many businesses like the professional greetings and call routing features of a private business exchange system (PBX) but don’t want the physical and technology overhead that goes with it. Zoom Phone offers robust interactive voice response (IVR) functionality to answer, route, record and queue calls, depending on your business needs.

Other Zoom Phone features include: 

  • Flip calls between devices
  • Merge or transfer calls      .
  • Conference calls of three or more participants
  • Merge a Zoom Phone call into a Zoom Meeting, or switch between a call and a meeting      
  • Sending SMS or MMS messages
  • Voicemail and video mail, and transcriptions
  • Syncing Google or Outlook contacts with Zoom Phone contacts


By contracting a VoIP and unified communications and collaboration services firm like Yorktel, you can ensure your Zoom Phone system will be set up, configured and monitored to meet your communications needs for years to come. 

Zoom Rooms

If your business has invested in Zoom Rooms technology for collaborative meetings, you are already equipped with compatible devices which Zoom Phone supports. You can easily invite someone in a Zoom Room to attend a meeting through Zoom Phone or connect to a conference bridge for a non-Zoom meeting. 

Device and Operating System Agnostic

Many employees, students, and consumers have grown accustomed to having online conversations over the internet through their computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Using a VoIP application on your mobile device is a great way to reduce your monthly phone bill or avoid paying for voice plans entirely.  

Video chats and instant messaging are great ways to connect. Voice conversations are still convenient ways to communicate on the go, in large groups, or when you need information quickly. Zoom Phone is device and operating system (OS) agnostic, including:

  • Apps for Android and iOS tablets and smartphones
  • Softphones for Linux, Windows, Chrome, and macOS computers
  • IP desk phones


The need to juggle two devices at once, like when you are taking digital notes on a conference call, is eliminated. The flexibility of flipping a conversation between devices is especially effective if you have to run an errand mid-conversation, such as picking up your children from school or moving into a conference room. 

Reporting for more informed business decisions

The Zoom Web Portal provides powerful analytics capabilities to enable your business to understand call queue performance better and how employees are using the phone system relative to your monthly rate plan. These reports can provide trustworthy insights to choose the best rate plans for your evolving communications needs. Or you might find you need to hire additional employees to process the number of voice calls into your contact center team. 

These reports can inform your administrative team about the steps they need to take to optimize business efficiencies. You may decide to provide some of your business users with Zoom video conferencing services and others with Zoom Phone, depending on the nature of their role. 

Ensure your colleagues have the best possible one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many VoIP conversations, whether they are in your office, working remotely, or traveling the world conducting business. Contact Yorktel to discover how Zoom Phone can boost your enterprise communications. Ensure you have the best possible Zoom Phone set-up, support and monitoring in place.