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Road Rules for the Webcam Life

Some may seem obvious, others not so much, but by following a few road rules, you can help yourself and your career navigate the videoconference highway with class and substance. […]

Choosing A Live Streaming/Webcasting Provider for Your Hybrid Events

In the emerging post-pandemic era, more and more businesses are choosing to engage the services of a streaming or webcasting provider to produce hybrid events for customers and employees, combining […]


Don’t Be a Live Streaming Disaster Statistic

Many people believe that attending an online event live, such as a company town hall webcast, will offer the same viewing experience as watching a World Cup qualifier soccer match […]

Is 4K Video Ready for Prime Time?

Is 4K Video Ready for Prime Time?

Marketers and consumers of HD video are being inundated with waves of messaging telling them to trade in their outdated HD video streaming equipment for the latest in 4K Ultra […]

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