The customer experience can make — or break — brands. Efficiently handling calls and contacts is crucial to creating a customer experience that attracts and retains customers. However, many companies continue to rely on legacy solutions that weren’t designed to handle customer queries efficiently.

As Microsoft Teams has become the go-to hub for productivity and collaboration, seamlessly integrating its voice capabilities with call center operations is a smart strategy. Microsoft Teams Operator Connect enables contact centers to leverage consistent tools across an organization.

Adopting Operator Connect Teams Support: Key Considerations

Here are some of the key triggers that signal it might be the right time to evaluate migrating to Operator Connect.

Current Customer Service Call Volume and Growth Projections

The average call center handles about 1,000 calls a week and misses nearly 50 of them. However, enterprise companies typically see significantly higher call volume.

If your current call system is nearing capacity at peak times, experiencing longer hold times and more dropped calls, it may not be keeping pace with contact center needs.

Action Item: Consider projected call volumes based on product launches, marketing campaigns, seasonal peaks, and business growth plans. If scalability limitations exist, MS Teams Operator Connect is a strong solution.

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Contract Renewal

If your current telephony agreements are up for renewal, you will want to take a serious look at the cost and benefits of switching to Microsoft Teams Operator Connect.

Costs will vary depending on the provider you choose and the number of seat licenses you need. Benefits include:

  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Advanced Call Center Capabilities
  • Omnichannel Customer Support
  • Flexibility for Remote/Hybrid Work
  • Scalability to Meet Demand
  • Lower Overall Costs
  • Integration with Other Microsoft Apps
  • Insights from Customer Data

Action Item: Map out contract renewal timelines with your current vendor and see if there’s an upcoming window. Determine the costs and challenges that a switch would incur vs. the benefits.

Existing Microsoft Cloud Adoption

One significant advantage of MS Teams Operator Connect is its native integration with other Microsoft apps like Teams, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft 365. Integrating Operator Connect can increase consistency and reduce complexity.

Action Item: Evaluate your contact center tech stack in terms of Microsoft products and legacy applications.

Expanding or Enhancing Customer Service Capabilities

Beyond call handling efficiency, are broader customer experience transformations planned to elevate support levels and satisfaction?

Operator Connect offers native omnichannel options, advanced analytics, and customer sentiment tracking to enable service enhancements.

Action Item: Review your contact center goals and key performance indicators for areas of improvement. See how Microsoft Teams Operator Connect aligns with meeting these goals.

Remote Workers

A Deloitte study shows that nearly seven in ten contact centers are now employing remote employees and almost three-quarters say they expect the trend to continue. A comprehensive communication and collaboration system is crucial to the success of remote teams.

Operator Connect capabilities around monitoring, call transfers, and built-in telephony allow team members to work regardless of where they are.

Action Item: Assess your current and future policies regarding remote or hybrid work. If you plan on letting contact center employees work from home, it’s worth an in-depth look at Microsoft Teams Operator Connect as a solution.

Budget and ROI

While cloud solutions require some transition investment, most companies save a considerable amount over time due to both reducing hardware costs and realizing gains in productivity. MS Teams Operator Connect eliminates the need for on-premises PBX hardware and maintenance, upgrades, and expansions to reduce CapEx and OpEx costs.

For example, Session Border Controllers (SBCs) required for legacy call center setups can run into six figures for many organizations when factoring in redundancy, volume capacity, and high-availability configurations.

Operator Connect eliminates that infrastructure cost by handling call traffic natively through Microsoft’s globally distributed telephony network.

Ongoing licensing through bundled seat plans can often lower costs by 40% to 50% compared to maintaining proprietary PBX systems or third-party cloud contact center add-ons.

By empowering more efficient omnichannel support and better customer experiences, Operator Connect helps maximize customer lifetime value through retention and growth.

Action Item: Model out TCO including scaling capacity and cost structure versus legacy systems. Are efficiency or customer retention improvements achievable?

Yorktel’s Microsoft Teams Operator Connect Solutions

Get dial-tone in Microsoft Teams for your users with Yorktel’s Operator Connect offering. Yorktel’s Operator Connect provides a simplified customer experience backed by SLAs, Monitoring, and Management Services for exceptional quality.

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