Communication and collaboration have always been important in business, but things have changed in the modern work environment.

Modern companies use a variety of technologies to connect teams and customers, sharing video, files, and documents — often working simultaneously to create solutions to complex problems, wherever people are located.

It works great, until it doesn’t.

Unpacking the Role of IT Help Desk Services

IT help desk services act as your dedicated support team to manage your communication and collaboration tools.

IT help desk support teams become the experts on your collaboration environments, to proactively resolve technical roadblocks and ensure smooth operation.

The best IT help desk support services go beyond fixing problems, however. They will work to ensure you have the right technology in place and maintain the health and functionality of your solutions so they work whenever you need them.

Ensuring Seamless Communication: The Impact of Managed IT Services

70% of employees say that poor collaboration hurts their productivity. However, even when you’ve put the right tools in place, collaboration only happens when things run smoothly.

Ideally, your communication tools work just like the light switch. Flip it and the lights come on. You don’t need to think about it. It just works.

When teams have to fiddle with controls, configurations, and settings, they’re wasting time that can be put to better use.

IT help desk support services from a managed services provider can ensure everything integrates seamlessly and works properly.

By monitoring and maintaining systems, your team can work together regardless of where they are physically.

Yorktel’s expert IT Consulting team draws from nearly 4 decades of experience helping our customers achieve their strategic business objectives. From hardware to software, from the customer premise to the cloud, Yorktel has earned a reputation as a top IT Consulting firm with intimate knowledge of how to roadmap innovative IT solutions and the expertise to bring those solutions to life.

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Reaping the Benefits of a 24/7 Help Desk 

24/7 help desk management increases your ability to work efficiently. When things are running smoothly, you benefit from:

  • Reduced downtime, which translates into enhanced productivity
  • Improved team collaboration, bringing together diverse teams to brainstorm and problem-solve
  • More efficient operations, allowing teams to focus on the job at hand rather than the technology

Considering that the average employee spends up to three hours per week in meetings (and a third say they spend five hours or more), you can’t afford to waste that time

Already, 71% of team members say these meetings are unproductive. If things aren’t working right, it can flip that number to 100%.

It’s even worse for executives, who spend approximately 12 hours per week in meetings.

When your tools are not working smoothly, you’re tying up company resources and taking away from more productive work.

Supporting Global Teams: The Challenge of Different Time Zones

In business today, we have more employees working remotely, often across different time zones and countries.

This creates a unique challenge as it requires 24/7 support to make enterprise collaboration available on demand.

Working with a managed services provider, you get proactive monitoring and workplace intelligence across your entire collaboration estate.

Embrace IT Help Desk Services to Stay Connected

Managed help desk support services are not just about fixing technical glitches. These services can provide significant added benefits to help your business stay connected 24/7.

Yorktel is the preferred provider for IT help desk support services to enhance your communications and collaboration, just one tier of our suite of room managed services.

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