What is Zoom Phone?

Zoom Phone is a feature-rich cloud-based phone system for locally, nationally or globally distributed businesses. The service provides voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) local and international communications services in nearly 100 countries worldwide. 

Zoom Phone (via Zoom and its Provider Exchange partners) provides all of the functionality of traditional private business exchange (PBX) systems (and more) without the costs or overhead of managing the hardware and network infrastructure. It enables users to have conversations with colleagues and partners on their preferred devices, including:

  • IP (internet protocol) desk phones
  • Android or iOS-powered smartphones or tablets
  • Computers running macOS, Chrome, Linux, or Windows operating system
  • Speakers and displays in designated Zoom meeting rooms

Zoom Phone provides organizations with a single local toll-free number and multiple virtual extensions for their employees. It enables your organization’s colleagues and partners to collaborate as effectively from around the world as they would in another office or in your headquarters. 

Advantages of Zoom Phone for Business Communication

Zoom Phone benefits organizations as it enables companies to establish an interactive voice response (IVR) system, private and team voicemail boxes, and a broad spectrum of interactive features without traditional phone systems’ cost or maintenance demands. It simplifies the processes of adding, onboarding, offboarding, and distributing to users and groups, no matter where they work throughout their business day. 

As a cloud-based phone system, Zoom Phone consolidates and often decreases cumulative costs associated with line items like PBX hardware maintenance, long-distance calling, call routing, and traditional telecommunications. Employees in roles like sales, contact center agents, and customer support can work as productively from their home office or customer location as they could in their company’s headquarters or local office with the help of Zoom VoIP services. 

Zoom Phone can be provisioned to any internet-connected device and be used with affordable computing devices and accessories. Calls can be routed to skilled users on a sequential or concurrent basis, based on availability.  

Optimizing Zoom for Enterprise

Zoom provides a user-friendly, easily deployable solution for large organizations that need an agile, reliable cloud phone system for multiple departments. Companies can keep their carrier with cloud or on-premises peering, or completely migrate their voice interactions to Zoom voice communication services. 

By contracting a consulting firm like Yorktel with deep experience and certifications deploying Zoom business phone services, you can accelerate your cloud communications planning, deployment, integration, and onboarding. 

Best Practices for UC&C Productivity

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Running Zoom Phone in Harmony with Other Collaboration Platforms

Enterprise-scale organizations may choose one unified collaboration and communications (UCC) channel for their internal collaboration needs and another for external partner-facing events. Or, they enable external users with Zoom accounts to access their virtual events through their Zoom accounts. To make strategic decisions on how to best leverage Zoom on its own or in harmony with other UCC solutions, it’s best to partner with an enterprise collaboration consulting firm with cross-platform experience. 

Conversational Monitoring and Analytics

Many organizations need to support multiple public-facing lines of business like sales, customer success and partner relationship management from a unified call center. To ensure new and experienced agents adhere to their company’s standards and practices, Zoom Phone enables contact center coaches and team leads to monitor agent calls and review conversation performance reports.

Generating reports from traditional on-site PBX and call center solutions is often complex, requires advanced technical skills, and takes a long time to gather insights. Zoom analytics is available in real-time dashboards and is enhanced with AI and machine learning. 

The Zoom Cloud platform offers phone usage reports pertaining to call queues and individual users. You may be interested in the number of calls your entire contact center team handled over a week, a day or a year. You may also need to know how long inside sales representatives spend on calls or how many outbound/inbound calls they handle. 

Zoom Phone System Features

Zoom Phone has rapidly evolved over the past decade since its inception. It integrates with everyday business applications, including Google Workplace, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365, through a marketplace of connection plugins. Zoom Phone works in harmony with collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack. 

Zoom Phone can also co-exist with subscribers to Zoom’s other communications channels and can provide mobile users with voice calling, SMS and MMS messaging. Standard Zoom VoIP service subscription plans support user extensions from an organization’s corporate local or toll-free number, while premium plans offer direct dial numbers. Administrators can manage user onboarding, monitoring and performance management from a central management portal. Users can make calls from their mobile phone, desk phone, or the softphone application on their computer. 

For more information on how you can leverage all of these features for your enterprise needs, contact the Zoom Phone solution experts at Yorktel today.