Have you ever geared up for a meeting with your team members to discuss pressing issues or set up a video call with a client to close a deal, only to be unable to get your current audio visual solution to work properly? Maybe you can connect, but your current system doesn’t have enterprise collaboration tools to work together on your projects, or the speakers, smart TVs, or microphones don’t all work when you need them to.

You’ve invested in the solution and you just want it to work when you need it. Instead of focusing on the meeting, you’re stuck dealing with the technology. It’s a frustrating experience that can cost you time and money, and hurt your reputation.

These are just a few warning signs that it’s time to switch to a cloud-based audio visual solution. Here are some of the more common scenarios that play out in enterprises and why you should switch to Audio Video as a Service (AVaaS) to enhance communication and efficiency.

Outdated or Unreliable AV Infrastructure

If your system is unreliable or lacks the modern tools that businesses need, it’s time to upgrade. When your audio and video solutions can’t keep up with demand, it can be a productivity killer.

It’s likely a bigger problem than you think. Studies show that when tech fails to deliver, it can create as much as a 30% drop in productivity and the stress can have a lasting effect beyond just a single meeting or engagement. It can impact your employees for hours.

Conversely, good tech that works properly leads to a 40% increase in productivity, about the equivalent of 15 hours a week per employee impacted.

Growing Mobile Workforce

By the end of 2023, nearly a quarter of professionals are expected to be working remotely. Nearly half of the businesses surveyed said they’ll support remote or hybrid work environments.

Companies need to focus on long-term audio visual solutions to manage remote work effectively for seamless experiences whether employees are in the corporate workplace or working from home. 

Cloud-based AV solutions provide the flexibility and accessibility that remote, hybrid, and distributed workforces need to work efficiently.

Increasing Spend on Current AV System

If you’re seeing increased spending on your current AV system to add capacity or constantly replace equipment, it’s time to look at AVaaS to futureproof your business.

Constantly having to upgrade or replace legacy hardware is expensive both in terms of money and time. AVaaS reduces your capital expenditures. Instead, you can finance your AV requirements as a service for predictable costs that include management and support.

Inflexibility and Scalability

As your organization grows and evolves, your audio visual solutions should adapt with you. For many companies, however, their equipment simply can’t scale to meet changing needs. With cloud-based AVaaS, you can scale up or down quickly.

As organizations have added to their legacy technology, it’s becoming challenging to make sure everything integrates properly and is fully connected. Even when deployed properly, one older piece of tech can hinder your ability to work. AVaaS solution providers like Yorktel can equip you with the latest audio visual solutions and make sure everything works together when you need it.

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Security Concerns

Any piece of equipment that’s connected to a network or online is a potential threat vector for hackers. Bring your own device (BYOD), Internet of Things (IoT), and more remote connections only increase potential threats. Older equipment and systems simply may not provide the level of security you need in today’s connected workplace.

Even augmenting your audio visual solutions with popular video conferencing tools can be an issue. For example, in some instances, unauthorized users have gained access to private meetings and stolen login credentials through chat functions. This highlights the importance of implementing security measures to protect against such risks.

Fully-integrated modern cloud based AV solutions are designed with cybersecurity at the forefront with advanced security measures to protect against cyber threats, so you can rest assured that your organization is protected.

Limited Workplace Collaboration & Productivity

Modern businesses need modern tools to work together effectively and productively. Unified communications and collaboration tools should work seamlessly and integrate with your workflow. If your systems are not meeting these goals, it’s time to consider cloud based AV solutions that offer more advanced features and capabilities.

Stressed IT Teams

Another warning sign that you may have pushed your current AV solutions too far is when your IT team is overwhelmed with support tickets or urgent calls to fix immediate problems. Most organizations are already stretched a little thin when it comes to IT talent and constant demand is creating undue stress, one of the primary reasons turnover is high among IT professionals.

Find out How a Cloud Based AV Solution Can Help Your Organization 

You no longer need to rely on cumbersome on-premises equipment, management, and IT time to resolve issues. Using solutions, such as Yorktel’s AV as a Service (AVaaS) can eliminate these frustrating and costly challenges.

With a comprehensive suite of managed AV services, you can eliminate CapEx costs to constantly replace or upgrade on-premises hardware, reduce IT management needs, and personalize your audio and video solutions to fit your unique needs.

With Yorktel’s audio video solutions, you get expert integration so everything works the way it’s supposed to work, making your communications more efficient, plus ongoing maintenance and support.

Contact the cloud-based AV solutions experts at Yorktel today to learn how AVaaS can enhance your workplace.