As businesses increasingly rely on audio visual (AV) technology to communicate and collaborate, the costs and complexity of managing AV systems can quickly add up. 

Fortunately, Audio Visual as a Service (AVaaS) offers a cost-effective and hassle-free solution. 

AVaaS is a subscription-based service that provides access to the latest AV technology without expensive investments or time-consuming maintenance. 

Here, we’ll explore how AVaaS can help businesses save time and money while improving their AV capabilities.

Time-Saving Benefits of Audio Visual as a Service

People and their time are always the most valuable assets, and AVaaS can help an enterprise save a lot.. Here’s how AVaaS helps businesses save time:

No need for staff to manage AV equipment

When an enterprise subscribes to an AVaaS provider, every aspect of the company’s AV solutions will be taken care of. Therefore, it can free up the staff who handle AV solutions in the company to put their time and expertise into other core business activities.

AVaaS eliminates the setup and installation procedures

An AVaaS provides installation, configuration, and basic user training, freeing up the time of both the company and its workers. AVaaS can also free up the staff from spending time on maintenance and monitoring of the AV systems.

Remote collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us how remote collaboration and communication help us accomplish even complex tasks. 

AVaaS offers effortless and seamless remote collaboration and communication among business teams, saving time on setup and logistics. 

Even after the installation of the AV system and the employee training, the AV solutions provider conducts remote monitoring for technical issues and addresses them proactively.

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Cost-Saving Benefits of AV as a Service

Along with time savings, AVaaS offers significant benefits in terms of cost savings. Here’s how:

No CapEx investment

AVaaS is a subscription-based model. That means an enterprise can get a scalable audio visual solution for an affordable monthly fee to meet its business goals. 

This monthly fee covers the cost of AV equipment, labor, software licenses, and technical support. 

In other words, traditional AV solutions fall under an enterprise’s capital expenditure, while AVaaS falls under operating expenditure.

No additional support costs

AV technology is evolving at an exponential pace. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to keep pace with this rapid technological advancement. 

AVaaS is an affordable solution for these companies to keep up with the competition and rapid technological advancements. 

AVaaS providers take care of the technical support and regular upgrades of both AV hardware and software, saving businesses money.


Like technologies, the business needs of every enterprise also change. 

What if an enterprise could adjust or scale its AV solutions per its changing business needs or goals? It would bring more efficiency and cost savings to an enterprise.

With AVaaS, an enterprise can scale up or down its AV hardware and software needs as per the business requirements. 

AVaaS also helps businesses avoid wasting money on outdated communications technology.

A Smarter Way to Achieve Enterprise Collaboration

AVaaS is a smarter way to facilitate efficient enterprise collaboration because it has a far more streamlined process than managing and updating traditional AV systems. 

AVaaS empowers companies to keep up with the latest AV technologies. So, the company and its employees don’t have to spend time adjusting themselves to the latest technology or managing hardware that they are not familiar with.

AVaaS is a reliable, effective tool with minimal investment that never lets outdated AV technology get in the way of keeping up with technological and market trends. 

Yorktel is an AVaaS solutions provider that can design and install a wide range of future-proof and backward-compatible AV solutions tailored to your needs. 

We offer ongoing support and maintenance by providing flexible and affordable pricing models for your AV solutions. We also have a network of highly experienced and certified subcontractors to support our in-house AV integration team, which ensures the quality and reliability of our services.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist you as your AVaaS provider.